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(Timmy, Timantha and Ivan riding on their fairies as bikes; Cosmo, Wanda and Neptunia as bikes, Poof as Timmy's helmet and Astronov as the bike basket)
Ivan: Ha! You call that bike riding?
Timantha: You've spoke too soon, turkey. (moving faster)
Timmy: (moving faster) Hope you guys are hungry, cause you're about to eat my dust!
Wanda: Look out!
(Timmy, Ivan and Timantha bump into the popular kids)
Timmy: You guys okay?
Tad: Ah, man! This leather jacket was expensive.
Ivan: I'll take that as a yes.
Chad: You dorks are lucky we are in a good mood today.
Timmy: Glad to hear that.
Liane Star: Veronica! Got a letter for you.
Veronica: Ooo. (runs inside the house)
Neptunia: Whatever it is, she must be really excited.
Astronov: I'll say.
Chad: We must have gotten hit harder than we thought. I can hear the bikes talking.
Cosmo: Yes. You're hallucinating.
(Veronica screams and runs out of the house)
Veronica: Cousin Betty's coming to town!
(Rich kids gasp)
Timmy, Ivan and Timantha: Betty?
Trixie: Veronica's twin cousin. The two don't quite get along.
Ivan: Why?
Veronica: Because, she is better than me in everything and I hate her! We've been rivals for a long time.
(flashback; Five years ago)
(Five year old Betty and Veronica playing basket ball; Betty making easy scores, and Veronica hardly making any scores)
Five year old Betty: (laugh) Beat that!
(Five year old Veronica groans)
(flashback #2; Betty and Veronica arm wrestles; Betty wins)
Five year old Betty: Beat that!
(flashback #3; Twin cousins open their Christmas presents; Betty gets a better present)
Betty: Beat that!
(flashbacks over)
Veronica: She's coming from New Orleans by tomorrow, and heaven knows she's going to make a fool out of me.
Timmy: Well, not today.
Everyone: Huh?
Timantha: Timmy's right, you need to stand up to your cousin, and we are going to help you.
Veronica: Really?
Ivan: Yeah. It's high time she needs a taste of her own medicine.
Veronica: Yeah! Yes! I'm tired of her picking on me. She always thinks she's large, but by tomorrow, I'll be the one in charge.
(everyone cheering for Veronica)

(Workout music playing)
(Turner's House; Veronica wearing workout clothes on a treadmill)
Poof: (gives Veronica a sports drink) I can tell that she might be fast, but you are going to be faster.
(Tang Mansion; Trixie timing Veronica on eating raw eggs)
Trixie: You must know your opponents strength at all times.
Tad: Yeah. In order to beat your cousin...
Chad: You'll have to think like your cousin.
(Prestonovich's House; Veronica doing push-ups)
Ivan: Up! Down! Up! Down!
Neptunia: (cat form) I'm sure she knows what up and down is.
(Chester's Trailer; Chester drops a trash can full of chickens for Veronica to chase)
(A.J.'s House; A.J. and Charlotte throwing books for Veronica to catch)
(Dimmsdale Dump; Veronica holding two heavy trash bags while running on top a trash hill)
Mark Chang: Well, that's one less chore for me to do.
(Workout music ends)

(Veronica's front yard)
Ivan: Okay, I think you're ready to face your cousin.
Veronica: Oh yes, Betty won't know what hit her. Good payback, huh Katty?
Katty: Meow, no.
Veronica: Oh, what do you know? You're a cat.
(cab drops by; Betty comes out of the cab)
Betty: Hello, cousin.
Veronica: (mumbles) Betty.
Timmy: Hi Betty. We're...
Betty: Don't tell me. You're Ivan Prestonovich and Timmy Turner.
Ivan: Um... yeah. But, how...
Veronica: Don't get near her, guys. When it comes to boys like you, she's a gold digger!
Betty: Ugh! Is that so?
(Katty hisses at Betty)
Betty: Claws off, Pinkie!
Veronica: I'm looking to settle a score with you. You and me, at the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, in a three game battle.
Betty: Ahh, a rematch, huh? Looking to settle a five year score, huh? I'm in! Prepare to live your past from the present!

(Dimmsdale Dimmadome)
Chet: This is Chet Ubetcha coming to you live with a cousin clash. Today, we're...
Doug Dimmadome: Hey, bub, this is my territory, and I'm narrating this scene.
Chet: Ooh, sorry. My mistake. Please, carry on. (walks out)
Doug Dimmadome: Thank you. (clears throat) Welcome to the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. I'm Doug Dimmadome.
Audience: Doug Dimmadome?
Doug Dimmadome: (to himself) Man, that never gets old. (to audience) That's right, Doug Dimmadome!
(audience cheering)
Ivan: How tall do you think that hat is?
Timmy: No one knows.
Doug Dimmadome: In this corner, (camera moves to Veronica) 4 ft tall, weighing at 95 lbs, hair as blond and bright as the sun, Veronica Star! (cheering) And in this corner, same height, weight, and has hair as a sneaky, devious cat, Betty Star! (cheering) Now, our opponents will be competing in a three game competition. Including, Loggin' the Mud, Duck and Cover, and my personal favorite, The Climbing Cobra. Let the games begin!
Ivan: (as he and Timmy hug Veronica) Good luck, Veronica.
Veronica: Thanks, boys. (kisses Ivan and Timmy on the forehead)

(Loggin' the Mud)
Doug Dimmadome: First off, is Loggin' the Mud. Using advanced training techniques, Doug Dimmadome has gain the balance of a mountain goat. You two do the same thing with the logs that you'll be trying to gain your balance on while I use this tennis cannon to shoot tennis balls to your pretty little faces.
Betty: That doesn't sound safe.
Doug Dimmadome: Last one standing wins.
(Veronica and Betty run on the logs while getting rapidly hit by tennis balls)
Veronica and Betty: Ow! Ow! Oh! Ehh! OUCH! Augh!
(both fall at the mud at the same time)
Doug Dimmadome: Looks like a tie to me. On the bright side, mud does go well with the skin.
(pulls up a dryer to dry off the mud in Veronica and Betty's faces until it's completely dry and breaks)
Veronica: Hey, he's right. It does go well with the skin.

(Duck and Cover)
Doug Dimmadome: Next up is Duck and Cover. When you've been in combat for as long as yours truly, you developed cat-like reflexes... without all the hairballs and junk. This competition is simple: Dodge the stray rapid ducks with chainsaws.
Veronica: You're kidding.
Doug Dimmadome: Not kiddin' at all. If I were you two, I'd start running in circles.
(the ducks start to attack; Veronica and Betty starts running in circles; the two bump into each other and get their hairs cut off off-screen while screaming in pain)
Trixie: (with her phone recording Veronica and Betty) Oh, I'd hate for more people to see that.

(Climbing Cobra)
Doug Dimmadome: Last but not least is my all time favorite game, The Climbing Cobra.
Veronica: So what, we just climb on top of stairs shaped like a cobra?
Doug Dimmadome: (laughs) Nope. You have to fight this mid-sized cobra and once he's pined down, use him as stairs to climb up to victory or you'll be dimma-done. For the one who loses that is. Begin!
(Cobra starts to attack; Betty and Veronica dodge hits attacks)
Veronica: This is way too dangerous even for you Betty. I'd recommend giving up.
Betty: Not a chance, cousin. I will be victorious once again. And once I've beaten you, again, I might as well hang out with those two cute boys before I leave. Ivan and Timmy, is it?
(Veronica's head angrily turns red, rushed right to the giant cobra and viciously took him out off-screen)
Astronov: (popcorn bag) I feel kinda sorry for that giant snake. But only kinda.
Tad: (to Chad) First the bikes and now the popcorn? This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
Betty: Wow, you've really improved yourself.
(Veronica climbs on top the unconscious cobra and wins)
Doug Dimmadome: Veronica Star wins!
(everyone cheers)

(Betty sitting on the bench)
Veronica: Beat that!
Betty: I'll admit Veronica, you got skill. Looks like you finally beat me.
Veronica: Now I'll might have enough attention as you do.
Betty: (sigh) Truth is Veronica, I'm secretly jealous of you.
Veronica: What?
Betty: You've been living the good life and manage to do the one thing I could never do, relax.
Veronica: Relax, huh? Well, I suppose I could teach you a few steps.
Betty: I would like that. It sure is great to hang out with you again, cousin Veronica. And again, I'm sorry for constantly humiliating you. I hope there's no hard feelings?
Veronica: Not at all.
(Katty comforts Betty)
Betty: Aww, who's a sweet little kitty?
Katty: Meow.
Betty: That's... so... cute. Well, before I go, I've got some business to take care of.

(Turner's House)
Tootie: Who would've thought, Veronica taking down someone who's better than her at everything?
Ivan: Well, she'd put herself through our training, because she had faith in us.
Timmy: That's what kept her strong in the arena.
(Betty walks in)
Betty: Hello, boys and fairies.
Wanda: Oh, no! She spotted us! Uh, we're not fairies. We're--
Betty: It's okay, I know who you are.
Neptunia: (poofs up a lie detector) Just make sure she's telling the truth.
Betty: (giggles) Astronov and Neptunia, Cosmo and Wanda, (rubs Poof's cheeks) and baby cutie patootie Poof.
Astronov: So, you know us?
Betty: Yep. Tell that to my bow.
Ivan: Uh, wasn't your bow pink and not green?
(magical green dust comes out of Betty's bow and reveals itself as Schnozmo)
Schnozmo: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Cosmo: Schnozmo!
Schnozmo: Hey there Cosmo.
Ivan: You have a brother, Cosmo? I thought you were an only child!
Wanda: I thought so too, until I met Schnozmo.
Timmy: I swear, we didn't know that he had a brother.
Schnozmo: I paid Dr. Rip Studwell a bunch of cash to erase my name from Cosmo's medical record. I didn't want him touching my fagiggly gland! So, how's my little brother doing?
Cosmo: Great. Is that the right answer?
Schnozmo: I can assume so from the looks of it.
Betty: Wait, so you two are brothers? Wonder what that makes for me, Timmy and Timantha.
Timantha: Actually, Betty, I'm his sister.
Schnozmo: Sister, eh? Two words, nice dress.
Timantha: Thanks, Cosmo and Wanda has told me all about you, Sleeze Ball.
Schnozmo: It's Schnozmo.
Timantha: That's what I said. (bonks his head) Hello?
Timmy: So, you're Betty's fairy godparent?
Betty: That's right, Timmy. After suffering from hard work with no relaxation whatsoever, I've gotten a fairy godparent who can help me get my wish.
Schnozmo: And my days as a con man are officially over thank to her love for me.
Ivan: I have to say, Betty looks as pretty as Trixie and Veronica combined.
Timmy: I agree.
Betty: Oh, my cab's heading to Veronica's house. We should get going.
Timmy: Wait, Betty. Here's something for you to remember us both. (to Tootie) Tootie, I suggest for you to look away.
(Tootie looks away; Timmy and Ivan kiss Betty on the cheeks; Betty blushes)
Timmy: Okay, Tootie, you can look again. (Tootie faces Timmy again)
Betty: Aw, that's so sweet of you, boys, thanks.
Ivan: Will you ever come back?
Betty: Don't worry, I'll be around Fairy World to say hello from time to time.
Timmy: Schnozmo, before you leave, can I ask you something?
Schnozmo: Go ahead.
Timmy: Where were you when Cosmo turned Papa Cosma into a bee? We didn't see you in Cosmo's origin story at Billy Crystal Ball's This is Your Wish.
Schnozmo: I was in grade school back then when Cosmo turned dad into a bee.
Timmy: Fair enough. What's your relationship with Mama Cosma? Does she favor Cosmo over you?
Schnozmo: Yes, yes she does. Are you done with questions, Timmy?
Timmy: Yeah, I'm done.
Schnozmo: Well, see you all soon.
Poof: Bye, Uncle Schnozmo.
Cosmo and Wanda: Bye.
Astronov and Neptunia: See yah.
Timmy and Timantha: Bye.
Ivan: (as Tootie waves goodbye) Come back any time.
(Schnozmo raises his wand; Betty blows a kiss goodbye;EX-CON GONE)

(Veronica's House; front yard)
Liane: It sure was nice of you to come for a visit and for you two to finally set aside your differences.
Betty: Same here, Auntie Liane.
Veronica: It's too bad you have to leave soon.
Betty: Yeah, but this Star never stops to do her hard work at home.
Veronica: Looks like this is goodbye for now.
Betty: Take care, cousin.
(family hug; Betty walks in the cab and gets driven home)
Liane: Okay Veronica, you should get ready for bed.
Veronica: Okay mom.
(Liane walks in the house; Veronica looks down and sees a present)
Veronica: (reads) "Gotcha?"
(present pops out cherry pie in Veronica's face; Veronica spits out a piece of paper inside the pie that says, "Beat that.")
Veronica: (sigh) Betty, you never cease to be clever.
(screen fades to black)
(Betty and Schnozmo pops out laughing simultaneously)
Betty and Schnozmo: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
(Title Card ending)

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