"Beat that! (Five year old Betty to five year old Veronica)"
"Hello, cousin."
"Don't tell me. You're Ivan Prestonovich and Timmy Turner."
"Is that so? (after being called a "Gold Digger)" 
"Ahh, a rematch, huh? Looking to settle a five year score."
"You might as well give up cuz. I was better than you at everything then, and still am now!"
"Is that the best you can do? Boring!"
"When you're beaten, again, I might as well hang out with those two cute boys before I leave. Ivan and Timmy, is it?"
"Wow, you've really improved yourself."
"I'll admit Veronica, you got skill. Looks like you finally beat me."
"Truth is Veronica, I'm secretly jealous of you."
"You've been living the good life and manage to do the one thing I could never do, relax."
"It's okay, I know who you are. Astronov and Neptunia, Cosmo and Wanda, (rubs Poof's cheeks) and baby cutie patootie Poof."
"I have a fairy godparent of my own. His name's Schnozmo."
"So you two are brothers. Wonder what that makes for me, Timmy and Timantha."
"It sure is great to hang out with you again, cousin Veronica. And again, I'm sorry for constantly humiliating you. I hope there's no hard feelings?"
"Take care, cousin. (hugs Veronica)"
"(teen self) Call if you two need any "magical" back-up.
Timmy: We won't, remember?
"(final words) I know, I just wanted to say it one last time. (gets inside her car and drives away)"
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