Believe in Your Heart is a song performed by Chip Skylark and Candy Skylark, helping Ivan explain to his friends to believe inside.


Chip Skylark: ♪ When it comes to dreaming of a great noble quest ♪
♪ You have to follow your heart, your great body part ♪
♪ It's not much of a test ♪
♪ Don't think too hard, just do it ♪
♪ And go around the world ♪
♪ Travel left, travel right, don't be a big fright ♪
♪ Don't make your mind all swirled ♪
(Candy Skylark pops up)
Candy Skylark: ♪ If ya wanna change the way your life's arranged ♪
♪ You need to be a work of art ♪ (Chip: Be a work of art)
♪ To be a star that you know you are ♪
♪ Be loud, be proud and (in unison with Chip) be smart ♪
Chip: ♪ Believe in your heart ♪
(Candy: Just believe in your heart)
♪ Believe in your heart ♪
♪ No need to pull up a chart ♪
(Candy: Oh-woah-oh)
♪ Believe in your heart ♪
(musical solo)
Candy: (Real work of art) ♪
Chip: Got to see it through now ♪
♪ Believe in your heart ♪
(Candy: Oh-woah-oh)
♪ Believe in your heart ♪
(Candy: Don't think hard, just do it!)
♪ No need to pull up a chart ♪
(giant chart falls on everyone; everyone's heads pop up)
Ivan: ♪ Believe in your heart ♪

Performed by


  • Kath Soucie as Ivan
  • Cree Summer as Candy
  • Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip
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