• This is one of the few episodes of The All New Fairly OddParents! that's non-canon to the series.
  • Aside from the crossover specials that only feature characters from the original series, this is the second time Ivan, Astronov and Neptunia were absent.
    • It's also the first time Sunny was absent, and Timantha's second appearance without Ivan, Astronov and Neptunia.
  • Both Tara Strong and Grey Griffin make an appearance as themselves.
  • This episode references the negative reception of Sparky and Chloe to a lesser extent, and that they were forced upon by the executives. Timmy mentions that Sparky had to be kicked off the show due to him being very difficult to work with, referencing how he was absent in season 10.
    • This episode also references the overusage of Crocker and Timmy's dad from season 7 onwards.
  • Various clips from previous episodes are shown, such as "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie" (which is used to show an example of continuity errors), "Timmy's Secret Wish!" (as an example of a non-sensical plot) and "The Big Fairy Share Scare" (as an example of a poorly-written new character introduction).
  • Trixie notes that her brief appearances in "Birthday Battle" and "Dimmsdale's Got Talent?" were actually done by her silent stunt double. Chester McBadbat and A.J. then note that their appearance in "Dimmsdale Tales" were also done by stunt doubles, but they note that they "at least had a few lines". Trixie is confused as to why the network was able to afford speaking replacements for Chester and A.J., but not her, as a reference to Chester and A.J. having their voice actors replaced in season 9, but not Trixie, who didn't have a speaking appearance since season 7.


  • The Simpsons - This episode is similar to the Simpsons episode, "Behind the Laughter".
  • Behind the Music - This episode is similar to the documentary TV series Behind the Music on VH1.
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