• At one point, when disguised as Trixie, Anti-Neptunia says "Kiss me, you fool!", which is a reference to "Wishology!: The Exciting Middle Part", in which an Eliminator disguised as Trixie says the same line, aswell as "Dread 'N' Breakfast", where Tootie also says the same line.
  • Not counting "Scamylan", this is the first episode since "Anti-Poof" where Foop appears together with his parents.
  • The title of the episode is the same as the title in one of the levels in the video game Breakin' Da Rules.
  • Innuendo: Anti-Neptunia invites Timmy to go to the janitor's closet in school while disguised as Trixie in order to give him bad luck.


  • Danny Phantom - The title card is a reference to Dark Danny killing his former human self in the Danny Phantom episode "The Ultimate Enemy". Also, during the beginning of the battle with Anti-Neptunia, she states that she wants to be the most beautiful which made Neptunia say to her that even she can't believe that her counterpart wants to look beautiful, making Anti-Neptunia respond, "Now that just plain hurts", similar to Danny's fight with Skulker in "Girls' Night Out".
  • Aladdin - In the middle of Timmy and Ivan's battle with Anti-Neptunia, after calling her a cowardly snake, she turned into a giant snake and attack the heroes, referencing Aladdin's battle against Jafar.
  • The Jungle Book - While in her giant snake form, Anti-Neptunia used her hypnotic powers Timmy and Ivan and said "Trust in me", similar to how Kaa hypnotized Mowgli, except Anti-Neptunia wasn't going to devour Ivan and Timmy.
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