In the Excercise Room..

  • Connor: Hey, Jenna...
  • Jenna: Yes, Connor?
  • Connor: Let's go over to the steam booth!
  • Jenna: Ok, Let's go!
  • Quintin: Whatever...

At the Steam Booth...

  • Jenna: Ok, Quintin, Make sure you come check on us in 15 minutes, Ok?
  • Quintin: Whatever, I'll be over here swimming...
  • Connor: Remember, 15 MINUTES!
  • Quintin: *Jumps into pool* Whatevar...

1 Hour Later...(The Transformation)

  • Quintin: *Wakes up in pool* Whoa, *Looks at his watch* Has it been an hour? Oh, No, JENNA! CONNOR! *Runs over to Booth* Connor! Jenna! Where are you guys!?
  • Both Steam Booths open, Revealing Connor and Jenna as babies*
  • Connor (As a baby): *Babbles baby talk to Jenna* *Blows raspberry*
  • Jenna (As a baby): *Babbles* *Sucks thumb*
  • Quintin: Oh, No! What have I done?!
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