Baby Foofy
IMG 5922
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Age: 0
Birthday: April 1, 2008
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Pink
Personal Information
  Fairywinkle family
  Fairy baby
  Poof's imagination
  Fairy World
Cubby Baby Poof
  Foof (Anti-Foofy)
  Baby blocks
Anything he can put in his mouth
  To not destroy everything whenever he picks up his rattle
Poof (creator)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Baby's New Friend"
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Baby Foofy is a brand new fairy baby created in Poof's imagination. When Poof was a very small baby still unable to talk, he ran away after Timmy yelled at him. He poofed away crying and he made his own little hideout in the woods. Soon, a bunch of wolfs came in and started biting and ripping poof up. A God gave Poof a magic force field around his small hideout. H thene looked to the sky to see something coming down. It seemed his lonely feelings created a new fairy baby. Knowing how dangerous fairy baby's could be, Poof decided to keep the baby and secret. As the baby came down sleeping, a card is seen in the baby's hand reading "Hi, my name is Foof, please take care of me!" From then on Poof promised to come back and take care of the newborn despite being a newborn himself. No one knows Foofy exists except Poof.

Baby Foofy loves to get tickled and gets tickled once a day by Poof of else he will cry for hours, driving Poof mad. If Poof cries, foofy gets zapped causing him to cry as well resulting in a huge disaster. While Poof makes good things happen when he laughs and bad things happen when he cries, Foofy is the opposite and good things will happen when he cries and bad things happen when he laughs. That's why Poof is very reluctant to tickle Foofy. Foofy is very bad at magic and destroys things whenever he picks up his wand, so whenever Poof goes back to Timmy, he takes Foofy's wand with him maybe even causing Foofy to bawl whenever Poof leaves with his rattle, she is the 32nd fairy baby born in thousands of years.

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