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|color1 = Turquoise
|color1 = Turquoise
|name = Baby Danny Seesponges
|name = Baby Danny Seesponges
|image=[[File:Baby Danny Seesponges .png]]
|caption = "Bouncy, Bouncy!"
|caption = "Bouncy, Bouncy!"
|aliases = Seesponges Family
|aliases = Seesponges Family

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Baby Danny Seesponges
Baby Danny Seesponges
"Bouncy, Bouncy!"
Personal Information
Aliases Seesponges Family
Gender Male
Species Seasponge (Did I spell it right?)
Age 1 year old
Birthday April 1st, 2012
Affiliations His Binky, His Bottle, His Diaper, Anything the average baby would need
Occupation Being adorable and getting lots of Attention
Homeworld See Angeles, Seefornia
Residence See Angeles, Pacific Ocean
Interests Eating, Sleeping, Being Diapered, Being Swaddled, Being Cuddled, Anything an ordinary baby loves
Parents Mr. Seesponges

Mrs. Seesponges

Siblings Jenna Seesponges

Connor Seesponges Quintin Seesponges

Grandparents Grandpa Seesponges

Grandma Seesponges

Others Great Grandpa Seesponges

Great Grandma Seesponges , Great Great Grandpa Seesponges Great Great Grandma Seesponges

Production Information
Voiced by Tara Strong

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Seesponges and is also the little brother of Connor Seesponges, Jenna Seesponges, and Quintin Seesponges.

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