• Flyshy becomes mean by doing stuff the gang tell her not to.
  • Flowerbloom doesn't share as aposed to her always sharing.
  • Sparkleworks hates everything as aposed to her Loving everything
  • ONLY 3 of the babies were not affected by the black magic Spell (Poof, Angel, and Goldie).
  • As revealed in the Angel Life Episode, Magic Is Friendship, Flowerbloom's element is Generosity and Respect, Flyshy's element is Kindness and Concern, Sparkleworks' is Loyalty and Faith, And Angel's is the most secret of them all, Magic. Together, The Girls called themselfs "Suger, Spice, And Everything Nice".

Goofs/Animation Errors

  • Later in the episode, when the girls tried to activate their harmony spell, Flowerbloom is wearing Flyshy's Element Necklace, Kindness.

Running Gags

  • Flowerbloom saying "MINE!"
  • Angel and the Girls failing their harmony spell, (due to their cruelness).
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