Awesome Soccer Players
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date May 17, 2012
Written by User: Anti-Cosmo Dude

User: PoofFan93

Directed by Butch Hartman
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Francis Cornfish Strikes Again

Awesome Soccer Players is the second episode of Fairly OddSeesponges!. The episode is directed by Butch Hartman. The main villain of the episode is Francis Cornfish.


It is the day of the Chess Tournament for 7th graders, and things are going well. However, Francis Cornfish has an evil plan to create a device that makes chess pieces come to him, making the games boring with just a chess board. Jenna Seesponges and Connor Seesponges decide to help the 7th Graders by challenging Francis C to a Soccer Game. Jenna and Connor form a team. Francis Cornfish forms a team of his friends who are villains as well. Francis C was in the lead in the middle of the game, but suddenly, David Seeham came to the field and won the game for Jenna and Connor. Francis C returned the chess pieces and went back to Math Class.


On the way to the second day of school, Connor talks to his friend Zeke about the Chess Tournament. Zeke and Connor are planning to be in the Chess tournament when they are 7th graders. When they arive at school, the principal tells the students about the Chess Tournament on the Morning Announcements. It was going to be at lunch for people who volunteered to quit their 2nd social time to play chess instead of basketball. During the second period, Connor had math class. A kid named Stupid Stupidhead got an F on his test, but the teachers didn't exactly blame him since it was the beginning of the year. Once it was the Lunch, Francis C was in a hallway and showed all of the people a device that can detect chess pieces and ruin any kind of game.

Once the tournament begins, Francis C is ready but is stopped by Jenna. She challenged Francis C to a soccer game. Francis C accepted and formed a team of his friends. Jenna and Connor formed a team of their friends and started the game. The Bully Team won 10 points immediatly. Then David Seeham, a parody of David Beckham, stepped on the field and knew the bully team shouldn't win. He won the game for the normal kids. The score was 12-21. Francis C destroyed the device and all of the chess pieces were returned. He went to math class and once again, Jenna and Connor saved the day.

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Daran Norris as Connor and Quintin,

Jim Ward as Zeke Fullerton, David Seeham, and Francis Cornfish

Tara Strong as Jenna and Mrs. Lake

Butch Hartman as Francis C's friends and the 7th Graders

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