Differences between Ashley A & Chloe Carmichael:

  1. Ashley A's a billionaire, while Chloe's not.
  2. Chloe is a relentless goody-goody, while Ashley A can be slightly rebellious.
  3. Ashley A's the most popular girl, while Chloe's not.
  4. Ashley A despises the fairies & Fairy world, while Chloe doesn't.
  5. Ashley A is currently dating Remy Buxaplenty, Chloe isn't in love.
  6. Ashley A is snobby and rude, while Chloe acts really nice & perky.

Similarities between Ashley A & Chloe Carmichael:

  1. They're both girls
  2. They're both girly-girls, with a slight edge
  3. They both have wacky parents
  4. They both share godparents with their best friend, albeit the opposite anti-versions of Chloe's.
  5. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes.
  6. Both of them do really well in school.
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