• Ash's voice actors both did voicework on various Nicktoons and Sonic games. Colleen Villard, Ash's regular voice actress, voiced Jazz Fenton in Danny Phantom, Charmy and later became the English voice of Tails, while Quinton Flynn, Ash's adult voice actor, voiced Sheldon in My Life as a Teenage Robot and was the English voice of Silver from 2010-2019.
  • In the future, Ash has been trained in magic and sorcery by Iris Wattson, and rides a motorcycle that he calls "Jenny", named after Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot, on whom Quinton Flynn's character Sheldon has a crush on.
  • Ash is a fan of Space Wars, and has a large collection of Space Wars toys and other merchandise.
  • Ash likes anime.
  • Ash has very good drawing and sketching skills.
  • Since becoming a sorcerer in the future, he has become highly knowledgable of a lot of magical creatures that is living on Earth.
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