Differences between Timmy and Anti Timmy

  1. Anti Timmy likes chocolate and sushi, Timmy doesn't eat them
  2. Anti Timmy is a girl, Timmy is a boy
  3. Timmy has a nuts & insane teacher who's obsessed with catching fairies, while Anti Timmy's always has had cool, fun, normal nice teachers who don't want to catch her anti fairy godparents
  4. Anti Timmy hates Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Jorgen, Timmy loves them
  5. Anti Timmy is super smart and never gets F's, Timmy is super dimwitted and always gets F's
  6. Anti Timmy loves Friday the 13th and Anti Fairies, Timmy doesn't like Friday the 13th and Anti Fairies. 
  7. Anti Timmy has a lot of friends, Timmy does not (only Chester, AJ, and sometimes Remy) 
  8. Anti Timmy doesn't make reckless wishes that backfire quickly in the end, Timmy, however, does. 
  9. Anti Timmy didn't wish for Foop to be born, while Timmy wished for Poof to be born. 
  10. Anti Timmy now however became friends with Ashley A, Timmy will never get along with Vicky. 
  11. Anti Timmy has cooler, smarter parents who don't leave her home with a sadistic babysitter (in her childhood, she even had a cool, popular, and nice girl babysit her) 
  12. Anti Timmy's more popular than Timmy when it comes to friends (She can spot a potential friend a mile away, even with her enemies who aren't too evil.) 
  13. Anti Timmy's a better flirt than Timmy too. She almost never gets rejected by her crushes, except when they say they want to be friends (which isn't true for Timmy as Trixie Tang's not his friend.) 
  14. Anti Timmy isn't selfish and ungrateful like Timmy is. 
  15. Anti Timmy is a teenager at 17, almost 18 years of age, while Timmy is only 10, going on 11 years old. 
  16. Anti Timmy is more devious and cunning than Timmy. 

Similarities between Anti Timmy and Timmy

  1. They're both super kind
  2. They both hate Crocker and Vicky
  3. They both get tormented by mean girls (Timmy gets toremented by Vicky, and Anti Timmy by Ashley A)
  4. They both have magical godparents who grant their every wish, albeit the opposite Anti-version of Timmy's fairies
  5. They love their mother and father.... and grandma, aunt, uncle, so on, so on......
  6. They both are super fun and outgoing
  7. They both have crushes that are out of their league (Timmy likes Trixie, Anti Timmy likes a Disney Channel star, Ross Lynch)
  8. They aren't really too rich
  9. They are friendly.
  10. They both love the color pink!
  11. They both like Sparky.
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