Maddie Dite
"Foop will end you"

Anti Timmy to Dale

Gender: female
Species: Human, later Anti fairy
Age: 18
Birthday: February 1st, 1999
Hair color: black/brown (human)

black/blue (anti fairy)

Eye color: brown (human)

dark teal (anti fairy)

Personal Information
  Anti Fairies

art teacher (future)

  Eastman, NH
  Earth (when a human)

Anti Fairy World (when an anti fairy)

  Anti Timmy
  Lisa Loud (best friend)

Claire (ex-bestie)

Jon (crush)

Zack (crush)

Timmy (polar opposite)

Chester (best guy friend)

AJ (best guy friend)

Tootie (good friend)

Remy (crush)

Tad (crush)

Chad (crush)

Trixie (good friend)

Veronica (good friend)

the Ashleys (good friends)

the Brittanys (good friends)

the Tylers (good friends)

the Megans (good friends)

Robert & Riley

  Dale (worst enemy)

Corey H. (big annoyance)

Anti Cupid (usually)

Kamek (biggest fear)

Mr. Crocker (least trusted adult)

Vicky (3rd biggest fear)

Cosmo (biggest annoyance)

Wanda (due to her shrill voice)

Poof (due to Foop's hatred)

Chloe (bigger annoyance)

Jorgen (4th biggest fear)

Hit-Girl (2nd biggest fear)

Love Interests:
  Jon (future husband)

most Disney & Nickelodeon shows

make-up, fashion, & mani/pedis

Chain Chomps (formerly)

Sly & Gobbo (formerly)

the Cracker (formerly)

Hannies (formerly)

Hillary Clinton




saving the world

  To save and rule the world with godparents and parents

To graduate high school & go to college with a license and a loyal boyfriend

To graduate from the "special" needs school she's at. (achieved)

Fairy Godparents:
Anti Cosmo

Anti Wanda

Fairy Godchildren:
Missy (Ashley A's future daughter)
Fairy Godsiblings:
Mommy Dite

Hunkules Dite

Alice Mc Anne

Kay Dite

Jon (future)
Shego, Farkle, Hermione, Foop, Ludmilla and Topanga (future)
Matias (wished for younger brother)


Sweetpea (died)

Anti Sparky (anti fairy god-dog)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Anti Fairly OddParents! (in Anti Fairly Odd Maddie)
Last Appearance:
  The Very Ending! (in Anti Fairly Odd Maddie)
Voiced by:
Candace Cameron-Bure
Played by: ([[|live action]])
Molly Ephraim
Anti Timmy is Timmy's Anti Fairy Counterpart after he turned into a fairy in the Fairly Odd Summer movie. I'd be the Anti Timmy due to Foop's plan to dominate the world, but needed assistance.

Anti Timmy's goals would to be to dominate the world, destroy all the fairies & fairy world, and to get all A+s In school. Anti Timmy is a successful anti fairy, and would take down Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Timmy, and Chloe when necessary.

In the cross-over episode of Anti Fairly Odd Maddie and the Loud House, she and Lisa Loud (2nd youngest Loud sibling) would find lots of things in common after drifting away from Claire. She would later connect with Lisa on social media when she returns home.

In her debut appearance in Fairly Odd Parents, Anti Timmy, Foop, and Anti Cosmo will dominate the universe, and destroying Fairy World in the process!

She was born in the country, Turkey, which Mr. Crocker says is a fake country.

Jorgen Von Strangle would try and lock up the Anti Timmy because he doesn't like anti fairies. Anti Timmy would then escape on her own means by hiring her friend Ashley A to be a fake fairy security guard and take down Jorgen.

Anti Timmy would reside in Anti Fairy World when she moves out of her parent's home.

Anti Timmy is very smart unlike Timmy. She can hatch a scheme and make it work as well, while Timmy is always wishing up the wrong things at the wrong times. Anti Timmy can be slightly devious and sneaky, but is ultimately a nice person.
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