plot: after timmy became a fairy the anti-fairys needed a anti-timmy so anti-cosmo made a evil cloning machine and cloned timmy and then timmy and anti-timmy anti-fairy had a battle timmy won and then anti-timmy said I WILL BE BACK and then poofed away Anti-timmy how it kinda wet: anti-cosmo:THERE IS NO ANTI-TIMMY! anti-wanda:HUHG anti-cosmo:I WILL MAKE A CLONING MACHINE! anti-cosmo:now I need to get timothay timmy:ahhh anti-cosmo timmy:hey stop this machine anti-timmy:hello sir anti-cosmo:GET HIM timmy:blasts anti timmy with magic* cosmo wanda and timmy shoot anti timmy with magic laser so does the anti faries* timmy uses his abracadabrian powers to defeat the anti faries anti-timmy:ILL BE BACK *poofs away*

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