Anti-Wanda E. Coyote is the antagonist from the series, The Fairly OddParents Go Looney Tunes and The Fairly OddParents Go Merrie Melodies. She tries to chase the Wanda Runner for bad luck. It's a parody of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner of the Looney Tunes.

Origin and Versions

Since The Fairly OddParents goes Looney Tunes was created, the origin is from the Fairly OddParents episode Back To The Norm.

Version 1: Wanda E. Coyote and Cosmo Runner (FOP goes Looney Tunes)

Version 2: Wanda E. Coyote and Poof Runner (FOP goes Looney Tunes)

Version 3: Wanda E. Coyote and Blond Runner (FOP goes Looney Tunes and FOP Go Looney Tunes)

Latest Version: Anti-Wanda E. Coyote and Wanda Runner (FOP Go Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies)

Also, Anti-Wanda also tries to get Timmy in one of these episodes Operation: Timmy, To Tim is Human, Timmy's Feat, Compressed Timmy and Tim Breadth-Hurry.


Anti-Wanda almost looks like her rival (but with a pony tail on her hair)

This is a parody of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.


1. Fast and Wanda-ous

2. Beep, Beep

3. Going! Going! Gosh!

4. Zipping Along

5. Stop! Poof! and Hasten!!

6. Ready, Set, Zip!

7. Guided Blaster

8. Gee Phiz-z-z-z-z-z-z

9. There They Go-Go-Go!

10. Schrambled Wands

11. Poof and Bored

12. Whoa, Be-Gone!

13. Poof, Line and Stinker

14. Hip Hip-Hurry!

15. Hot Rod and Reel!

16. Wild About Blurry

17. Fastest With The Mostest

18. Hopalong Casualties

19. Poof 'N Snort

20. Lickety-BLAST!

21. Beep Prepared

22. Adventures of The Blond Runner

23. Zip At the Top

24. To Beep or Not To Beep

25. War and Pieces

26. Blond Runner a Go-Go

27. The Wild Chase

28. Poofing Roulette

29. Run, Run Sweet Poof Runner

30. Tired and Breaded

31. Boulder-BLAM!

32. Just Plane Beep

33. Poofed and Hurried

34. Anti-Wanda was KA-BLAMED!

35. Highway Poofery

36. Chaser on The Rocks

37. Shot and Bothered

38. Out and Out Road

39. The Solid Tin Wanda E.

40. Clippety Clobbered

41. Sugar and Spies

42. Freeze Frame

43. Poof or Sonic

44. Chariots of Blur

45. Little Go Beep

46. Whizzard of Ouch

47. The Best of Anti-Wanda E. Coyote

48. Look Before You Beep

49. Zip Zip-Hooray!

50. The Timmy-Timantha-Blond Runner Movie

51. Anti-Wanda Falls

52. Poof of Flying (Last appearance of Anti-Wanda and Wanda Runner in Season 1 and last Season 1 short)

Latin Names

Fast and Wanda-ous: Wanda Runner: Accelarati Incredibus Anti-Wanda: Badlucktus Vulgaris

Beep, Beep: Wanda Runner: Accelarati Incredibidus Anti-Wanda: Badlucktus Vulgaris

Going! Going! Gosh!: Wanda Runner: Accelarati Incredibilis Anti-Wanda: Badlucktus Vulgaris

Zipping Along: Wanda Runner: Velocitus tremenjus Anti-Wanda: Wanda Runnerus Badluckus

Stop! Poof! and Hasten!!: Wanda Runner: Speedius Fairyous Anti-Wanda: Badluckibus Anythingus

Ready, Set, Zip!: Wanda Runner: Hot-roddicus supersonicus Anti-Wanda: '''Miffius-Miffius

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