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Anti-Victoria Cosma (Anti-Tori) is the young teenage half-sister of Anti-Cosmo. She is the daughter of Anti-Mama Cosma and HP, the half-sister to Anti-Cosmo, the sister of Anti-Kat, sister-in-law of Anti-Wanda, and the aunt of Foop. 


Anti-Tori is the middle child of her family. She was born part pixie and part anti-fairy, but her anti-fairy genes were dominant. After she turned 4, she and her 3 year old sister moved from Pixie's Inc to Anti-Fairy World to live with their older brother, Anti-Cosmo.

About the time she was 10-12 she and Anti-Kat where looking for music and art supplies in the attic of Anti-Cosmo's castle. Anti-Tori discovered a map and the two sisters discovered that the fairy univerese had been cut from places called Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog), Equestria (MLP:FiM) and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.


Anti-Cosmo- Her older brother. They may get on each others nerves (including the occasional prank) and Anti-Tori may disobey his rules sometimes, they maintain a good relationship.

Blaze the Cat- Anti-Tori's new best friend after the Mobians met the anti-fairies. They are the same age and have a close friendship.

Anti-Kat- Anti-Tori's best friend and sister. They do everything together and pull pranks on almost everyone! They may get into lots of trouble, but they get through it all.

Bloo- The small blob has a huge crush on Anti-Tori. He says she "is smart, pretty, and the only girl I know who can eat a pie faster than me!"


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