Anti-Sparkleworks (In her Gothic form)

Anti-Sparkleworks Is the Oldest sister of Anti-Flyshy and Anti-Flowerbloom. She is also the Anti-Counterpart of Sparkleworks. She is normally always dressed Gothic, and she loves Death, Pain, and Fire. She looks almost NOTHING(!) like Sparkleworks. She wears spikey high heels with with high kneesocks and pantyhose with longstockings (Her parents are from Ireland and are used to wearing strange things). She hates almost anybody who gets in her way, and she will shush anyone who back-talks to her. She has a forked tongue, and wears Gothic makeup all the time. Her eyes are red, her hair is Dark Blue, and her skin is light blue, along with her outfit, which is also blue. She loves what others hate, Just like Yugopatamians. Like: Spiders, Fangs, Venom, Villianess, Goth stuff, Fire, Pain, and death. She does have spikey hair like her counterpart, though. She is very much in love with Foop.


See Anti-Sparkleworks' Theme Song "Beautiful Mayhem" <--- There

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