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Anti-Lewis is the first born son of Anti-Schnozmo and Anti-Helga Powers (Ms. Powers evil counterpart) and is the 10th Anti-Baby born in thousands of years. He is also Lewis' counterpart. He is almost the complete oppisite of Lewis, except they both love all girls, and love squirt guns. Anti-Lewis has a twin brother named Anti-Louie (See Picture) just like Lewis does. Anti-Lewis has a BIG crush on Anti-Cadde, and a small one on Goldie Goldenglow. He hates picking his nose in public, But loves it when someone is in pain. His best friends are Pentrenellistheniso, His brother Anti-Louie, Foop, Anti-Cadde, Anti-Lulu, Anti-Wing, Anti-Castle, and Anti-Angel. He hates: Timmy Turner, His counterpart Lewis and Lewis' brother Louie, Poof, Angel (He hates her very, very, VERY much), Cadde, Junior, Cosmo, Wanda, Kimmy Conor, and he sort of dislikes his mother, who dosn't care for the twins very much. He loves: his father Anti-Schnozmo, his mother Anti-Helga Powers (Not very much, though.), His brother Anti-Louie, Anti-Cosmo (Uncle), Anti-Wanda (Aunt), Foop (Cousin), Anti-Mama Cosma (Grandma), Anti-Papa Cosma, ETC... His goals are to destroy Lewis and his brother...And, Trying to already be in training pants by the end of the week! Him and his brother's birthdate is July 9th, 2036.


(Left To Right): Anti-Louie (Left), Anti-Lewis (Right)


Anti-Louie is the 11th Anti-Baby born in thousands of years. He is the little brother of Anti-Lewis and is the 2nd born son of Anti-Schnozmo and Anti-Helga Powers. He and his big brother are both twins, and are also very alike.

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