Anti-Jeff is the opposite of Jeff. He is an Anti-Fairy. His body is blue and has green eyes. He wears a Boston Celtics jersey (Jeff is a Lakers Fan!) and black pants. Unlike Jeff who wanted Cosmo to be intelligiant, Anti-Jeff wanted Anti-Cosmo to be less intelligiant and more sporty. Anti-Jeff doesn't exactly care about Anti-Cosmo but instead cares about eliminating Jeff.


Anti-Jeff has nice people as his enemies, and once turned Timmy into ash. He uses strong language during fights and respects Francis, Vicky, and Anti-Cosmo since they are villains.

Early Life

Jeff was born July 19, 1111. His mom told him to be an unpopular kid, and he listened to her. In 4th Grade, Anti-Jeff totally regretted that fact and he had no friends. His mom never let him join any sports, so he was super weak and jealous of his friends, who had big muscles. His mom finally made Jeff join a Tae Kwon Do club, but he did so poor, he stayed a white belt for 100 years. In middle school, he tryed out for a football team, but by the end of 7th grade, he got ranked worst player. He was happy that he had a new nephew named Anti-Cosmo. Too bad he got a wedgie every day by the school bully, Anti-Binky. Anti-Jim had no girlfriends in High school since he had way too many pimples and was voted ugliest person in school. At the same time, Anti-Cosmo was in Kindergarten.


  • Saying words he shouldn't say.
  • Making fun of Anti-Cosmo (only during middle school)
  • Fighting Jeff


  • Anti-Jeff has many scratch marks from fighting.
  • He used to be fat during 2nd grade
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