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Anti-Fairy World is the homeworld of the Anti-Fairies and located not far from the actual Fairy World. Also Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop live in Anti-Cosmo's Castle.


[hide]*1 Background


Unlike Fairy World, which is bright and pink with a colorful purple sky, Anti-Fairy World is dark and blue with a blood-red sky. The Anti-Big Wand and other buildings in this world are twisted and vile looking. The ruler of this world is Anti-Cosmo, who resides in a giant Gothic-looking castle.


The clouds that Anti-Fairy World resides on are usually blood red and black storm clouds. All of the structures around Anti-Fairy World are twisted and evil looking. There is a purple tinted rainbow that bridges Anti-Fairy World toEarth. It seems to have thorns covering it, possibly to keep other people out. The Anti-Fairy World sign is made of wood and the words are yellow. Anti-Fairy World was briefly turned into a sweet happy world that was covered with niceness and cuteness when Foop redesigned the world for his own amusement after draining out the Anti-Big Wand's Power. It is later reverted back to normal by Foop's crying along with the other worlds that Foop terrorized in his rampage.


[1]Anti-Big Wand[2]Anti-Cosmo's Castle[3]Anti-Fairy World Sign Add a photo to this gallery==Trivia==

  • Anti-Cosmo's castle is the place of Foop's birth.
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