Anti-Dragon VS Dragon

Dragon VS Anti-Dragon

Anti-Dragon is the Anti-Fairy Counterpart of Dragon, he was born a day after Dragon, he can be very violent and rude, unlike his soft and kind fairy counterpart . Dragon..

Comparing Anti-Dragon to Dragon

-Dragon is very kind, while Anti-Dragon dislikes kind people

-Dragon LOVES cookies, Anti-Dragon thinks cookies are the worst things ever invented...

-Dragon dislikes Timmy Turner, Foop, and Poof, Anti-Dragon acts kind to all three

-Dragon is an orphan, thus having a nuclear family, Anti-Dragon has about 1,000 aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and more!

-Dragon has a full head of hair, Anti-Dragon only has a little puff

-Dragon has purple eyes, while Anti-Dragon has green eyes

-Dragon is to nervous to use his magic, while Anti-Dragon uses his magic and doesn't care about it at all

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