Anti-Cadde is the 2nd Anti-Fairy Baby born in thousands of years.



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Like every Anti-Fairy, Cadde is evil and unforgiving, though she may be more evil and unforgiving than the average anti-fairy, because she is always trying to eliminate Cadde because she sent her adrift into "The Other Universe"(aka, Fanboy and Chum Chum's universe) even going as far as to throw Cadde into the blackm hole on the edge of the universe. She will do anything to get rid of Cadde, even if she has to steal magic from other Anti-Fairies, and she will silence anyone who gets in her way


  • Cadde is nice while Anti-Cadde is evil
  • Cadde has a round body, Anti-Cadee has a square body
  • Cadde got her 1st tooth, Anti-Cadde got her 1st TWO teeth, though Anti-Cadde's teeth appear bucked).
  • Cadde can say a few words, Anti-Cadde can speak full English, and Spanish, and speaks with a Spanish accent (normally).
  • Cadde has one hair on her head, while Anti-Cadde has a tuft of hair on her head.
  • Cadde may be in love with Poof, while Anti-Cadde absolutely hates Foop beyond reason for no reason, to hide her love for him.
  • Foop can never understand what Poof is saying, while Anti-Cadde can understand anything that Cadde says.
  • Cadde has pink eyes, Anti-Cadde has purple eyes.


In Fanfics by Jtsfan13

In fanfics not by Jtsfan13


  • Whenever Anti-Cadde gets really angry, her arms, legs, and eyes rectract into her body and she bounces around like an angry karp, and then her eye's arms, and legs protude back outwards.
  • And when she gets really, REALLY, REEEEEEEEEAAAAALLY angry, She turns into a gigantic, swirling tornado and spins around and around and destroys everything in her path like a real tornado does!
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