Anti-Cadance is Cadance's evil Anti-Counterpart. Unlike Cadance, Anti-Cadance is full of Bad Luck. In fact, she is the one who gives peopole bad luck on Friday The 13! All the Anti-Fairies love her, Because of the fact she will one day become Queen of Anti-Fairy World, and, she is the one that keeps all the Anti-Fairies going!


Bitter, Sour, Crabby, Mean, Cruel, and anything that has a nasty attitude!




  • Pain
  • Misery
  • Depression
  • World Domination
  • Loud Music


  • Water (Burns her skin)
  • Love (Too much of it and she'll explode!)
  • Babies and Small Children ("They cry, scream, whine, and are SO UGLY." -Anti-Cadance)
  • Cadance (Wants to destroy her)


She was born on Friday The 13, Which is the rarest kind of Birthdate in Anti-Fairy World. Her family fought in the Anti-Fairy War when she was just a baby, Her parents moved her to a safer location, Anti-Cosmo's castle doorstep. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda raised her until she was old enough to fend for herself, Then she moved on. She was also Foop's oldest (and only) sister, So she taught him alot of things, How to destroy an enemy, How to bring world domination, How to become rular, You know, The usual things an Anti-Fairy would do. She is 23 years old, Unlike her counterpart Cadance, Who is only 16.


She wears a purple sweater and blue jeans with gray shoes. If she is going to live on earth, She's gonna have to look 100% human. She also has a forked tongue with fangs. She has red, Demon-like eyes that can melt ANYTHING.


  • Heat Vision
  • Powerful Forked Tongue (Can lift things 200 times its own size)
  • Power to fly
  • Power to hypnotize people
  • Power to turn people to stone.
  • Is a Powerful Witch
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