Anti-Angel is a daughter of Anti-Blonda and Anti-Juandissimo. Her brother is also Pentrenellistheniso, who is Junior, Angel's big brother's counterpart. She is also Angel Callie's evil Anti Counterpart. Anti-Angel was born February 15th, 2034, And she is voiced by Daniella Monet. Not much is known about her, except her main goal is to destroy Angel and take over her spotlight and fame. She has a crush on Foop and absolutley HATES Her older brother Pentrenellistheniso. Anti-Angel is known to bite people, like a vampire, but she does not have any harmful and poisenous venom that she injects in you when she bites, but she sometimes wishes she could. Her very first appearance was in the episode, A Little Angel and a Little Devil. She last appeared in the Angel Life episode, "The Petrifying Return of Anti-Angel Part 2". Her favorate nickname is Devil. She is a very bitter person, who always has a crabby and sour attitude, and always in a bad mood, and the reason why is because she dosn't take her daily naps! Her wand is a bottle with baby blue bat wings, just like the one Foop has. Her best friends are Foop, Anti-Lulu, Anti-Cadde, Anti-Lewis, and Anti-Louie. She absolutley hates Angel, and will do anything to get rid of Angel even if it is taking away magic from her fellow Anti-Fairies. Her best talent is playing the Clarinet And He Is Bad


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