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(The Turner's house; Timmy comes back home with a bag of candy, dressed as Cleft, alongside Cosmo as Crash Nebula, Wanda as her sister, Blonda, and Poof as Stewie)
Timmy: Going out as a superhero on Halloween is super cool!
Wanda: And it's been a while since I dressed up like my sister.
Poof: Victory shall be mine! Do you have any hwhipped cream?
Wanda: It's pronounced "whipped", Poof, without the extra H at the start.
Poof: I know.
Mr. Turner: (off-screen) Oh, Timmy!
Timmy: No need to hide.
Mr. Turner: (dressed as Mrs. Turner) Your friends are coming over after trick-or-treating! I meant, other than your floating friends that only show up on Halloween or during a costume party.
Timmy: I can't believe you have decided to dress up as each other for Halloween again!
Mrs. Turner: (dressed as Mr. Turner) It was scary at first when we first tried it, but after a while, we grew accustomed to it!
(doorbell rings)
Wanda: I think your friends are here.
Cosmo: Good thing it's okay to go out in public as a fairy on Halloween!
(Timmy opens the door; revealing Ivan dressed as SpongeBob, Tootie as Vicky, Chester as Zim and A.J. as Rocko, alongside Astronov as Danny Phantom and Neptunia as Tinker Bell)
Timmy: Hey, guys! (screams when he sees Tootie dressed as her sister)
Ivan: Hi, Timmy!
Chester: It's so nice of you to invite us to your home.
Ivan, Tootie, Chester and A.J: Trick or treat!
Mrs. Turner: Here you go, kids, the best candy we could buy!
A.J.: Wow, that's a lot of candy! Thanks!
Mr. Turner: Just be sure to eat the chocolate ones before they melt!
Ivan: Mrs. Turner, what happened to your voice? You sound like your husband!
Mr. Turner: Actually, I'm not Timmy's mom, I'm just dressed as her, while my wife dresses as me for Halloween. (they both take their masks off their respective costumes) See?
Ivan: Oh. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Mrs. Turner: It's okay, you kids go have fun.
Timmy: Let's go to my room.
Mr. Turner: Now this seems like a perfect opportunity to prank Dinkleberg on Halloween.
Mrs. Turner: Why would you want to do that?
Mr. Turner: Honey, he sets his calendar 2 months ahead of everyone!

(Timmy's room; Timmy, his friends and fairies are eating candy)
Timmy: I really like all of your costumes, guys.
Ivan, Tootie, Chester and A.J: Thanks!
Timmy: That is, except for Tootie's. I don't like how you're dressed as Vicky. Why is that?
Tootie: Well, Timmy, (Vicky's voice) or should I say, twerp, (normal voice) I just wanted to give you a good scare on Halloween!
Timmy: And it worked. Where are your glasses, Tootie?
Tootie: I've left them at home, Timmy. I'm wearing contacts instead.
Timmy: I see. (to Neptunia) Your costume looks great, Neptunia! Who are you supposed to be?
Neptunia: I'm a fairy. A different kind of fairy, that is.
Chester: Like from some kind of fairy tale?
Neptunia: Probably.
Ivan: So, what do we do now?
Timmy: How about we tell ghost stories?
Wanda: That's a great idea! Who's up first?
Tootie: Me first! (holds flashlight to her face) As an average nerdy girl, I never get accepted at parties or school proms, unless I'm disguised as a popular girl, but that's not the point. I happen to be a fan of a certain alien invader comic book series and my story is called "Invader Trixie"!

Invader Trixie

(A Voot Cruiser is shown heading for Earth. It contains Trixie and Ver, both shown as Irkens)
Trixie: Okay, Ver, our mission begins now. Let us reign some doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!
Ver: I'm gonna sing the-
Trixie: No singing!
Ver: Aww...
Trixie: Good thing the Almighty Tallest didn't pair me up with a moronic SIR unit who'd sing a song about doom throughout the trip.

(On Earth, Timmy is sitting in his room)
Timmy: (sigh) I'm so lonely since the day I got my fairy godparents. I have no friends, except for Tootie, whom I refuse to go out with.
Wanda: Why?
Timmy: Because she's always rambling on about alien conspiracies!
(CRASH! Timmy falls on the floor, mysterious noises are heard from outside)
Poof: What was that?
Timmy: It sounds like something crashed on the opposite side of the street!
(they go outside to see the Tang Mansion being built with a laser)
Timmy: Okay, I don't remember wishing for a mansion to be built across the street before.
Cosmo: Well, you didn't. At least, that's how I remembered it.
(cut to inside of the Tang Mansion, where Trixie and VER are in disguise)
Trixie: (disguised) There! That should fool unsuspecting people.
Timmy: (knocks on the Tang Mansion door outside) Hello? Anyone home? (goes inside) Oooh! This place looks very classy.
Trixie: (disguised) Welcome, stranger!
Timmy: (awestruck) Who are you?
Trixie: (disguised) I'm Trixie Tang, a perfectly normal and very pretty human girl. What's your name?
Timmy: I'm Timmy Turner, a very lonely and miserable average kid. Will you be my friend?
Trixie: (disguised) Yes, I will! I've always wanted to meet a miserable kid like you. And over there is my friend, Veronica, but you can ignore her.
Ver: (disguised) HEY!
(Trixie hugs Timmy, he sighs out of love; Tootie watches from across the street)
Tootie: I don't trust that Trixie girl one bit. She's gotta be an alien.

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
Mr. Crocker: Today's lecture is about outer space... and how it will eventually (twitches) IMPLODE IN ON ITSELF! (Trixie holds her hand up) Yes, Trixie?
Trixie: (disguised) In the event of, say, a full-scale alien invasion, how prepared do you think this planet's defenses would be? Tell me!
Mr. Crocker: As I was saying, the universe is just doomed.
Tootie: Okay, am I the only one here who sees the alien sitting in class?
(The students look around for an alien)
Timmy: What are you talking about?
Tootie: There!
(Tootie points at Trixie)
A.J.: Where?
Tootie: Right there!
(Trixie sweats)
Ver: (disguised) Look, she's just a girl!
Tootie: That is no girl! She's an alien! An alien! One of the monsters I've been talking about! She's here to conquer Earth!
Chester: Aw, not this again. You're crazy!
Tootie: I'll show you who's crazy when we'll have lunch!

(Cafeteria; children carry their lunch trays to their seats at tables)
Trixie: (disguised) I wonder what this cafeteria food is like... (takes a bite of the sandwich and spits it out)
Tootie: Look! Trixie doesn't like cafeteria food!
A.J.: None of us do. I guess that make us aliens too, huh, Tootie?
Tootie: If she doesn't like it, then I'll have to force feed her to find out!
(Tootie catches up to Trixie and force feeds her cafeteria food, making Trixie's head swell up and fall backwards)
Ver: (disguised) What did you just do?!
Tootie: I'm trying to expose an alien here.
Ver: (disguised) Trixie's allergic to that stuff!
Tootie: Does that mean you're allergic, too? (force feeds Veronica too, with similar results; Trixie now lies in a puddle of green goo) I'll take that as a yes. (takes out a phone and takes a picture of Trixie and Ver) Does cafeteria food make your head swell up and leak green goo?
A.J.: No.
Chester: Not from what I've heard.
Tootie: See? I told ya! These girls aren't humans at all! They're aliens in disguise!
(Trixie and Ver reveal their true alien identities; the kids, save for Timmy, scream)
Tootie: And you said that I was crazy. Well, (pulls out a hammer) who's crazy now? (hits Trixie's PAK with a hammer, making her yell in pain)
Timmy: Oh my gosh, Trixie! Are you okay?
Trixie: No! We've been attacked by this crazy girl that made us eat the horrible things those Earthlings call "cafeteria food".
Timmy: I hope you're happy, Tootie. Now we'll never even know why these gentle visitors came.
(Chester and A.J. are confused)
Trixie: Come closer, Timmy. (Timmy walks up to Trixie and kisses her)
Chester: Ew, he kissed an alien!
Trixie: I want you to help me and Ver out on a mission to take over Dimmsdale.
Tootie: Say what?
Timmy: I agree.
A.J.: (gasp) Timmy, you traitor!
Timmy: I think it's time you all knew the truth. (pushes a button on his belly; revealing that Timmy is actually an Irken disguised as a human)
Tootie: Timmy's an alien too?! What a shocking twist!
Cosmo: Silence, conspiracy girl! (to Wanda and Poof) Let's ditch these holo-jackets! (pushes a button on his belly to turn off his hologram disguise, revealing to be a green-eyed SIR unit, same with Wanda and Poof; who are SIR units with pink and purple eyes, respectively)
Timmy: Nothing will stand in our way, puny humans!
(Timmy's SIR units destroy the wall as Timmy, Trixie and Ver walk to their spaceships and fly to the City Hall)
Trixie: Are you the leader of this "town"?
Mayor: Yes, I am! Who are you?
Timmy: We are your new rulers and alien overlords.
Mayor: Well, I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords!
(the crowd gasps)
Chester: Well, Tootie, now that we've discovered the aliens, what are we going to do to stop them?
Tootie: (thinks; snaps fingers) I know!
(the crowd gasps in anticipation)
Tootie: There's nothing we can do about it, I'm afraid we're all doomed.
(the crowd groans)
A.J.: Such a buzzkill.

(cut to a shot where Dimmsdale townspeople are being forced to endlessly turn a wheel and clean the Irken statue)
Trixie: Mission accomplished, my Tallest.
Red: Good work, Trixie.
Purple: What did I tell ya? Those Dimmsdale earthlings don't stand a chance.
Cosmo: I'm gonna sing the doom song now. Doom, doom, doom, doo doom, doom (Wanda turns Cosmo off)
Trixie: Thanks. That green-eyed SIR unit's singing was annoying, anyway.

Interlude 1

Tootie: So, what do you think?
Ivan: Being invaded by an advanced alien race disguised as school kids and being really unprepared for it sounds pretty scary. I love it!
Chester: Same here.
A.J.: Ditto.
Timmy: Lies and slander!
Tootie: What do you mean?
Timmy: I can't believe you're making up all these lies about Trixie! You told the story about Trixie being an alien just as an excuse of jealousy towards her.
Tootie: No, I didn't!
Timmy: Would the Dimmsdale townspeople really be that stupid to easily surrender to an alien race?
Tootie: It was just a story, Timmy, it didn't have to be realistic. Can't you think of one thing you liked about my story?
Timmy: Well, I admit, although it came out of nowhere, the twist ending was kinda cool.
Tootie: Thank you!

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