Another New Face in Town is a song performed by Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof singing about what Ivan Prestonovich might be like.


Timmy: Apparently I have to learn to keep my frown upside down ♪
♪ Don't know what this kid has in store, can't see no other way around ♪
♪ Can he protect me against my enemies, keeping me safe and sound? ♪
♪ My relationship is in store for another new face in town ♪
Wanda: A magical dog with a reckless behavior ♪
Cosmo: (speaks) That's usually my shtick!
Poof: A girl who's an over-achieving do-gooder ♪
Wanda: (speaks) Now, let's not think too thick.
Timmy: (speaks) Yeah, and who knows? This Ivan kids sounds nice. What could possible go wrong?
Wanda: Do not ask that too early as we sing the rest of this song ♪
Cosmo: He could wish up fun-structive stuff ♪
Wanda: Don't pay attention to this clown ♪
Timmy: We're just going to have a chat ♪
All: With another new face in town ♪

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