Angel Comes to Town
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date February 21, 2013
Written by User:Anti-Cosmo Dude


Directed by Butch Hartman
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Angel Comes To Town is the 18th episode of Fairly OddSeesponges and the 4th episode of Season 2. The episode will air on February 21, 2013. In this episode, Angel visits See Angeles and does changes. It is a half-hour episode.


"User:" wanted to have an episode where Angel visits See Angeles because she is loved throughout the city.

Short Summary

Angel flies to See Angeles and upgrades it. The transportation systems are cleaner, more efficient, and running on time. There are more parks and the city becomes ranked best in The United Sees of America. Then she starts to make too many parks, making the city smaller and less houses. The mayor suggests that she should stop changing See Angeles and change Seeatle instead. Then she does and the city is back to normal.


Part 1

The episode starts with Angel flying in an airplane with Blonda and Juandissimo. They land at the See Angeles International Airport and find the nearest hotel. Then they come to a welcoming mat in the city park. Hundreds of people were there just to see Angel and her parents. The Mayor says that See Angeles means City of Angels in Sea Animal Language. Angel smiled and laughed. The next day, she changed the transportation systems. The city subways went faster and become more safe. Buses became cleaner, more efficient, and having a better chance of arriving on time. Angel got awarded with many medals and Connor even gave an awesome medal that he didn't really care about. The parks start to grow larger and larger, and kids are more happy.

Part 2

At the Seesponges House, Connor and Jenna are watching Channel 7 news. Goldman the Goldfish, the news reporter, said that See Angeles is officially ranked best city in the United Sees of America. More tourist came to see the new parks and transportation. Francis Cornfish was so happy that he didn't feel like being a bully anymore. The next day, a random citizen had realized how huge the city park had become. About one-half of the city is now park, and it's starting to look like a small town when it should be large. Main Street had too many trees and they blocked lightfrom the sun.

884px Angel The Baby ( Fairly Odd Baby 6 )

Angel Changing Seeatle

Angel thinks that she should stop making the city park larger and tells The Mayor. He suggests that Angel should change a different city. She thinks it's a great idea and she changes Seeatle. Thus, See Angeles is back to normal.

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