Angel's parents, Juandissimo and Blonda, adopt a Fairy Baby orphan named "Sunny"and take her home. At first, Angel is happy to have a new sibling, But the baby starts taking Angel and her family's time away, so Angel decides to find a new home...With Poof! Angel then knocks on Timmy Turner's bedroom door and asks if she could stay with them. Wanda asks Angel if her parents knew about this. Angel tells them all the story (By writing it on paper; She is a good speller for her age.) and begs them to let her stay. Wanda agrees, But she still wanted to talk to Blonda and Juandissimo about all of this. Wanda then calls Blonda and Juandissimo and tells them the story, Sentence by sentence. They both poof over to Timmy's house, And they bring Sunny too. They beg her to come back to them, But Angel refuses to. She was still not concerned or amused. Then, Someone knocks on Timmy's door...It was an odd-looking couple that claimed they were looking for their daughter Sunny, Who had run away a few days ago. They then see Sunny, Who was cradled in Blonda's arms, Sucking her thumb. They both call out to their baby, Who soon climbs out of Blonda's arms and jumps into the couples' arms. The family hugs, and the couple both thank Blonda and Juandissimo for taking care of Sunny, Who was already fast asleep, With a wet diaper though. They then walk out and dissapear. Angel apoilgizes to Blonda and Juandissimo, and asks them for her forgiveness. They agree, and hug. Then, the episode ends.


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