Amy Trista Hino (Or simply known as Amy, Called Honey by classmates) is a Athletic and Elegant Schoolgirl that can Transform into a Heroine known as "Cutey Sugar", A sword wielding Pink-Haired warrior of Love and Beauty.


At the begnning of the series she is Nine years old and is portrayed as a immature crybaby that hates fighting Evil and wants to have A Normal Life and Someday get a Boyfriend But Her Normal and Calm life changes forever When on Her Way to School she sees some kids abusing a Blue Cat and rescues it. Later, the cat comes into her room and reveals herself as a talking cat named Starla who serves as an Allie to Her and gives Amy a magical Brooch which help her Transform into Honey Sugar. As time passes the character grows Mature and Tougher.


She has many forms Normal: In this form she is completly normal and has no powers She has blond hair and black eyes and wears many outfits Warrior:In this form She has Short Pink Hair and Hazel eyes and wears a Red And Purple Long-Pant Suit with no sleeves and Light pink High-Heeled boots and wields a sword and wears White Gloves with Gold circle on the top. Fun Facts:In The Episode Kurai's Death She Can Be Seen At Kurai's Funeral In Her Black Outfit And As Cutey Sugar. Fun Facts:She Is Most Likely That She Is A Parody Of Cutey Honey

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