Ail is a girl who loves The Fairly OddParents.


Ali got her fairies at the age of 8. Her father lives in a different state. One of her best friends left to another state without telling her, and she was very sad. She had a continuous streak of friends abandoning her, making her sadness worsen. Her grandmother had moved out to Florida, leaving her with her mother and sister. Her mother worked nights so her sister was left to babysit. At first it was fine but her sister picked up a job babysitting other kids, so Ali couldn't go to play with her friends after school. Finally her mom let her stay home alone, but felt lonely, and that's when she got her fairies. She got her Fairies when she turned 8 she met Timmy who was quick to become her best friend. Ali's very sneaky with Da Rules-- she finds loopholes easily, causing Jorgen to think about re-writing Da Rules. Then she met Kimmy Conor and Terry, and they've been extremely great friends ever since.


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