Aero (Hilda Larsman)
Aero image
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-Human
Age: 32
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale Police Department
Police chief (future)
  Wonder World
  Sally Amber
Mary Amber
Rebecca Amber
Stuart Amber
Cameron Toomes
Fionna Toomes
Chief Marmel
Power Pals (frenemies)
  Zack Harrison
Lord Chaos
Alex Larsman (missing husband)
Gravito (son)
Dark Cyclone (daughter)
Heidi Larsman (future granddaughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "The Family From Wonder World"
Voiced by:
Alyson Court

Aero (real name: Hilda Larsman) is one of the major characters of The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan and a minor character in The All New Fairly OddParents! and The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. She is Gravito's mother.


Much like Gravito, Aero is a Meta-Human from Wonder World who moved away from her home planet because she heard a rumor that an alien is living on Earth and wanted Jonathan and herself to live on Earth as well. She is also an inventor, engineer and a scientist, and she used to work for the Ministry of Science in Wonder World. Aside from working for the Dimmsdale Police Department and inventing advanced weaponry, gadgets, and advanced technology that will catch criminals easier, Aero is also a superhero in Dimmsdale who uses her wind manipulation powers for good and helping the Dimmsdale policemen fight crime and help people.

Much like Princess Mandie, Aero is considered to be very beautiful by humans and fairies.

In the future, Aero becomes the new chief of the Dimmsdale Police Department after the old chief, Christopher Marmel, retired.


Aero has long, brown hair. She wears a purple trench coat with matching boots, similar to Kitty Katswell's original concept design. Aero's voice is similar to Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil game series.

Aero's swimsuit consist of a purple one-piece swimwear.


Aero is deeply devoted and caring to Jonathan. She is heroic, determined, brave, kind-hearted, and mild-mannered, like Inspector Gadget, but unlike Inspector Gadget, she's competent, serious and dependable heroine. Aero is also strong willed. Aero has no interest in endorsement and advertising deals as well as having no interest in fame and fortune.


  • Wind Manipulation - Aero has a superpower with which she can manipulate air and wind, as well as the ability to control the air's temperature.
  • Airwave Manipulation - She can manipulate sound in conjuction with her wind manipulation.
  • Super Speed - Aero can run around in circles to create large and strong tornadoes and spin her arms really fast to produce the Hurricane Hands. She can also create vortexes to suffocate people or extinguish fires by forming it around them.
  • Super Agility - Similar to Bishop from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Aero has incredible agility and superhuman endurance. Her agility also allows Aero to catch a bullet from a gun.

See Also

  • 2.D. Aero - Aero's second dimension counterpart.
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