This is a song, sung in Japanese and to a part of the tune of Sailor Moon's theme song, that is heard whenever Jessica transforms into Action Girl in the episode "Action Girl". If you translate the lyrics into English, you can see that it is sung to this tune.

Japanese Lyrics (Kanji and Romanized)




彼女はアクションガールという名前の一つです! 彼女は名前の一つだ...


Tsukiakari no shita de aku to tatakau!

Nikkō ni yotte kokoro o kakutoku!

Totemo utsukushī, kanojo wa hontō no kōkeidesu!

Kanojo wa akushongāru to iu namae no hitotsudesu!

Kanojo wa namae no hitotsuda...


English translation of Lyrics

Fighting evil in the moonlight!

Winning hearts by daylight!

So beautiful, she's a real sight!

She's the one named Action Girl!

She's the one named...

Action Girl!

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