Abra Catastro-Pinks is the first movie of the series The Pink Fairy Show. The title and plot is a reference to the Fairly OddParents movie Abra Catastrophe!




* This is the first movie of the series The Pink Fairy

* Reused scenes from

The Pink Prink

G.I. Phink

The Phink Pill

The Hand is Phinker Than the Eye

Pink-Arms for Two

Rock-a-Bye Phinky

* This is the only episode (Not counting in the opening titles of Pink saying "Thiink, Pink!") where in any character speaks. The Pink Fairy says to the audience "Goodbye, Folks!". Making the only episode where the Pink Fairy speaks before being silent in the remainder of the series.


* When Pink is getting a glass breaker, Cosmo and Wanda have switched clothes. But as Pink climbs the ladder, their clothes are switched back.

* Pink Fairy's hand dissapears when she gets a blow torch. (But she's still holding it!)

* When The Little Blue Girl climbed the ladder, Cosmo has buck teeth like Timmy.

Running Gags

* Wanda always mistakes The Pink Fairy as a now pink dyed haired Blonda.

* The Pink Fairy's arms/hands are always replaced in the part where carrying heavy loads always makes arms tired.


Tara Strong as Timmy Turner and Poof

Susan Blakeslee as Wanda and The Little Blue Girl

Martin Grabstein as Doidie

Jessica DiCicco as The Pink Fairy

Kevin Michael Richardson as Big Dave

Daran Norris as Cosmo and Jorgen Von Strangle

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