Abra-Catast-Roach-Phe! is a thearical movie of Timmy and the Cockroaches. And the first "silent" film of the 21st century.


Timmy Meowton has kept his fairies for more than 1 year. As other fairies arrived, a huge aniversary party has been thrown. Cosmo and Wanda has cooked alot of food (Including Timmy's favorite Pizza mix-up). Dorgen Von Rangle has a ceramony of introducing the Magic Muffin (Dialogue is heard in this part. But gibberish). As Dorgen hands Timmy, cockroaches Joey unexpectedly stole the muffin and mistakes it to be a normal muffin. As Joey bites it, he spits it out due to bad taste but he can now grant rule free wishes.


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