Aayla Secura Is A Twi'Lek That Appeared In The Death Of Lord-Anti Cosmoa She Also Makes An Appearance In The Great Food Fight! Description:She Is Very Much Like Her Star Wars Self Her Personality Remains The Same EveryThing Remains The Same. Appearance:She Looks The Same As Her Star Wars Character But She Is Animated Plus She Is A Friend Of Timmy And His Parents And Sponngebob And The Other Friends Of Timmy And Spongebob. Her Original OutFit Is Her Jedi Attire She Was Seen Being Captured And Being A Slave By Elmer Fudd Her Slave Outfit Consists Of A Gold-ish Hat She Lost. A Mettalic Gold Bikini And Gold Shoulder Pads And A Gold Choker Attached To The Pads And Top,Gold Bracelets That Go From Her Wrist Almost To Her Elbow,And A Red-Ish Pink LoinCloth Like Skirt With A Gold Bull-Ish Head,She Also Has Pink-ish Red Heeled Boots. Quotes:(Sighs) Man This Is What I Get For Messing Around. Come On EveryOne Let Kick Some Grilled Cheese Butt FREEDOM!!!

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