This episode is based on The Big Superhero Wish. This episode deals with the villains struggling to find a parking space,

The plot

Nega Chin, Bronze Kneecap, and 2 other of Crimson Chin's enemies struggle to find a parking space. Some of their unlucky incidents include cars blocking roadways to certain spots, cars taking away spots before they can reach them, traffic jams, and eventually their car getting booted by traffic enforcement for parking in a no parking zone. This episode ends with the car being towed away and them being forced to walk 12 miles to the studio shoot.


  • The tape is dated August 30th 2002.
  • The car that they drive is a secondhand 1994 Toyota Camry.
  • A Invader Zim bumper sticker is seen on one of the parked cars (1979 Datsun 280ZX).
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