A Trip to the Movies/Quotes

(the Turner's house; Ivan goes inside with his fairies to meet Timmy, who's coming downstairs)
Ivan: Hi, Timmy.
Timmy: Hi, Ivan. What do you want to do today?
Ivan: I've been thinking, we should probably watch a movie.
Timmy: Like that one time you showed us "The Modifyers"?
Ivan: No, I meant like going to a theater and watching a movie that came out recently.
Timmy: With our fairies and friends?
Ivan: Yeah. I wish our fairies turned human!
(the fairies raised their wands; HUMAN POOF; fairies are now in human form)
Timmy: I'll take my dad's wallet, and you'll be driving my dad's car.
Cosmo and Wanda: Shotgun!
Astronov: No. (stops Cosmo and Wanda) I think I should drive. You two will go there on your own. Poof will be driving with us.
Wanda: Okay.

(Astronov is driving the Turner's car, with Neptunia sitting beside him, Ivan, Timmy and Poof sitting in the back of the car)
Astronov: So, where's the cinema?
Timmy: It's downtown.
Ivan: But first, let's go to Trixie's house.
Astronov: Where is it?
Timmy: I'll show you. (Astronov starts driving) So, you go forward for half a mile, then turn right...
(as Astronov, Neptunia, Ivan, Timmy and Poof drive away, Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and disappear)

(Timmy, Ivan and fairies arrive at the Tang mansion)
Timmy: And we're here.
Neptunia: That's Trixie's house?
Ivan: Technically, it's more like a mansion. (as he gets out of the car) I'll go get Trixie. (goes to the front door of the Tang mansion, rings the doorbell, Trixie answers it)
Trixie: Hello, Ivan, what do you want?
Ivan: Me and Timmy are going to see a movie. Wanna come?
Trixie: Sure.
(Ivan and Trixie get into the Turner's car)
Timmy: Wow, Trixie's going with us too?
Ivan: Yes. Let's go and pick up Tootie as well. (to Timmy) And don't flirt with Trixie on the way over there.
Timmy: I'll try.

(Timmy, Ivan, Trixie and fairies arrive at the Miller residence)
Ivan: You better sit right there. (gets out of the car)
Timmy: So, uh...how are you doing, Trixie?
Trixie: Fine.
(cut to Ivan and Tootie exiting the Miller residence)
Tootie: Well, that sounds exiting! Me, you and Timmy going to a theater together!
Ivan: (as he opens the rear car door) And, to spice things up, I also brought Trixie Tang along with us.
Tootie: Well, I don't mind that at all, considering that-whaaaaa?!
Timmy: Before you ask, Tootie, I was only talking to Trixie Tang, and I wasn't flirting with her, honest.
Tootie: Ivan, what were you thinking?
Ivan: I've been thinking that as long as Timmy doesn't flirt with Trixie and you don't flirt with him, I think this might be a good opportunity for you and Trixie to bond. (he and Tootie get into the car) And no fighting.
Tootie: Who's the weird but strangely cute purple haired kid over there?
Poof: I'm Parry.
Trixie: Why don't you sit right next to me?
Poof: Sure. (sits in between Trixie and Tootie)
Trixie: How come we've never seen you before?
Astronov: He just recently moved in from another town.
Tootie: What grade is he in?
Neptunia: Uh...fifth.
Trixie and Tootie: Wow, just like us! (both gasp)
Tootie: Wait, did we just say something in unison?
Trixie: Yes. I think it might be a sign of friendship.
Tootie: So long as you lay off Timmy. If not, then I'll stick with Parry.
Timmy: Okay, if you girls are done flirting with Po-I mean Parry, let's go to the movie theater.

(in the theater)
Ivan: So... what movie do you want to see? I want to see "The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South - The Digitally Enhanced Special Edition".
Timmy: Sorry, I'm not a fan of these so-called "special editions" of classic movies.
Tootie: The colorization kind of ruins the charm of those originally black & white movies. I've already got all of the original episodes on DVD, uncut & untouched.
Astronov: If anyone wants to see some other movie, say "Nay".
Everyone but Ivan: Nay!
Ivan: Darn. Let's see what else is on. (sees a poster for "Sponge Out of Water") I've heard some good things about "Sponge Out of Water".
Everyone but Ivan: Nay!
Ivan: What's wrong? The show's original creator was on board when they were making the movie!
Neptunia: Yeah, but why does it matter when we see this sponge on TV nearly all the time?
Trixie: Besides, the new episodes are nowhere near as good as the ones that came before the first movie!
Ivan: Okay then, I guess I better keep looking. (sees a poster for "Maho Mushi Evolved") How about "Maho Mushi Evolved"?
Everyone but Ivan: NAY!
Ivan: Why not?
Wanda: This American movie adaptation of Maho Mushi was very poorly recieved.
Timmy: Yeah, it's an insult to the original anime.
Trixie: Especially to huge Maho Mushi fans like me. (everyone stares at Trixie) Yeah, I know, I have a thing for anime too.
Ivan: Hmm... (sees a poster for "A Fairly Odd Movie: All Grown Up!") There's a movie about you, guys!
Timmy: Okay, so what?
Ivan: It stars Chip Skylark as you, Timmy!
Cosmo: Chip Skylark? As our godson? (lets out a girly shriek) Count me in!
Wanda: Timmy, do you really think it's a good idea for us to watch a movie about ourselves?
Timmy: Hey, if a product has Chip Skylark's name in it, it's gotta be good, right?
Ivan: Only one way to find out.

Chip Skylark: Hey, everyone has a pet, except for me!
Actress Wanda: Well, duh. What do you want, Timmy?
Chip Skylark: I wish I had a fairy dog as a pet!
(silence for a few seconds)
Actor Cosmo: ...Eh, let's not bother.

(after the movie ends)
Timmy: That... wasn't a good movie.
Wanda: I'll say!
Cosmo: No kidding.
Astronov: Horrible.
Poof: You said it.
Trixie: But the effects were decent, and Crocker's actor really nailed the part.
Tootie: Yeah, it's just a shame they chose a woman with an awful voice to play you, Trixie.
Ivan: Timmy, in that movie, you went through the 5th grade for 13 years straight. That's just overkill, you know? That would probably be as dumb as wishing for the world to never age and keeping it a secret for 50 years.
Timmy: Me? Wish for the world to never age? Don't be ridiculous! And I'll try my best to not repeat the 5th grade for several years.
Ivan: My biggest problem is that Chip Skylark, who's a great singer, should've been the saving grace for this movie. But the character he played, Timmy, was poorly written, and didn't even get to sing.
Timmy: I feel your pain, Ivan. What's the point of hiring Chip Skylark if you don't even let him sing in the movie? What a rip-off!
Cosmo: Sometimes, you don't have to sing in order to get a great performance in a film.
Timmy: This is the first time that I've ever been disappointed with a product that has Chip Skylark's name attached to it. I'd never lend my name to an inferior product.
Neptunia: What do you expect? The company who makes this movie only cares about the money...so I've heard.
Wanda: Besides, Chip Skylark is better at singing and dancing than acting.
Ivan: I told you we should've watched the Nuktuk movie!
Tootie: Well, don't worry, 'cause I got all of the episodes here! It may not be in color, but it's the original that everyone loves! Who wants to go over to Vicky's house to watch it?
Trixie: I do!
Timmy: I'm really looking forward to Nuktuk after that dissapointment of a movie.

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