A Tale of Two Timmys





Writer/Storyboard Writer

Butch Hartman
Will Schifrin
Dave Thomas

Art Director

George Goodchild

Music Director

Guy Moon


March 13, 2012

A Tale of Two Timmys is the first episode of the series "The Fanon OddParents."


In this episode, Timmy gets invited to Trixie's birthday party, he also gets invited to Mark Chang's costume party, too. But - Vicky has to babysit Timmy and Mr. Crocker told him to clean his garage due to his behavior in school. But, since Timmy doesn't get to do what he wants, he wishes that he has another Timmy to do his errands/deeds. But, since having 2 Timmys doesn't work, he wishes for a few more Timmys at the same time. But, since his clones do a lot of work they don't need to do, they all try to backfire Timmy, including Mark Chang, Mr. Crocker, Vicky, and Trixie.


  • Timmy: This is amazing! I was invited to Trixie's awesome birthday party!
    Cosmo: Who's Trixie? Am I dreaming? Please pinch me.
    (Wanda pinches Cosmo)
    Cosmo: AH! That felt really realistic!
  • Mr. Crocker: Turner, because of your horrible behavior yesterday, I'm going to give you the worst punishment ever: clean up my garage!
    Timmy: What?! That is defiantly unfair!
    Mr. Crocker: No! It is fair! You are going to clean my garage right now, no bathroom breaks! Also, do not even think of cleaning it up with the help of your FAIRY GOD PARENTS! Good day.
  • Timmy: I wish I had a clone of myself!
  • Timmy: Hi Trixie!
    Trixie: HELP! SECURITY!
    (Security guards beat up Timmy, Timmy yells)


  • The episode plot is simular to Fairly OddParents Oh Yeah! episode "Too Many Timmys" and SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Overbooked" because the FOP episode is related to Timmy making clones, and the SBSP episode is related to do more then 2 deeds at a time.


  • Tara Strong as Timmy Turner & Poof
  • Darran Norris as Mr. Turner & Cosmo
  • Susanne Blakeslee as Wanda & Ms. Turner
  • Grey DeLisle as Vicky & Tootie
  • Dionne Quan as Trixie Tang
  • Rob Paulsen as Mark Chang & King Gripullon
  • Laraine Newman as Queen Jipjorrulac
  • Jason Marsden as Chester
  • Gary Leroi Gray as A.J.
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker
  • Faith Abrahams as Francis
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