A Swingin G.E.N.I.E!
Season 1, Episode 1
Swingin Genie Title Card
Air date September 30, 2009
Written by P&26I4EVAH!
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Tootie's in Love

The first episode of "A Girl and Her Genie", which basically sets up the plot of the series.


It starts off at the house of 10-year-old Tootie Ives and her sister Vicky. We see Tootie as she is putting together what appears to be a Danny Phantom puzzle. As she puts the last piece in, we hear a woman's voice calling her name.

"Coming, Mom!", Tootie yells, and she runs into the kitchen. She asks her mother, Nicky, why she called her.

"Did you or did you not write "My Parents Stink" on the walls?", Nicky asks.

"No, Mom", Tootie says, "It was Vicky!"

Nicky looks around nervously while covering Tootie's mouth. She whispers to her that she knows it was Vicky.

"Okay...So why not punish her?", Tootie asks.

"I'm too afraid to, really", Nicky says.

Tootie shrugs and decides to go upstairs to her room. Vicky, who was already upstairs, trips Tootie as she walks by.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Twerp!", Vicky says.

"Oh....Why are you so MEAN?", Tootie asks as she gets up and goes into her room.

The next day, Tootie is shown walking in the park with her best friend Veronica.

"From what you've told me", Veronica says, "Your sister's a Grade A witch."

"I know. The problem is my parents are too scared to talk to her, or punish her.", Tootie says angrily.

Tootie and Veronica continue walking when suddenly Tootie stops and sees a lamp on the grass.

"Hey Veronica. Look at this lamp", Tootie says, picking it up.

"It's all dusty." Veronica states.

Tootie rubs the lamp, and a cloud of purple smoke surrounds the girls. A boy appears in the smoke, and he seems to be floating out of the lamp.

"I am Timmy Turner, the mystical Genie of the Lamp!", the boy announced.

"Cool.", Tootie said in response. "I've always wanted a Genie. It's right here on my list of things I've always wanted."


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