• This episode reveals that a fairy can be pregnant regardless of their gender, although female fairy pregnancy occurs rarer than male fairy pregnancy.
  • It's also revealed that female fairies mature faster than male fairies, which explains how Sunny was able to talk a week after her birth.
  • This episode reveals Astronov's middle and last name is Dusty Solarview and Neptunia's is Waterlily Windypool.
  • This episode is similar to the FOP TV movie "Fairly Odd Baby".


  • The Big Problem and The Switch Glitch - When Sunny meets Timmy, Timantha and their fairies, and asking their names, Cosmo points to himself saying, "I'm Cosmo and Wanda", and then points to Timantha saying, "She's Timantha and Timmy", similar to The Big Problem, and The Switch Glitch.
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