A Smart and Pretty Race/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Mall; Trixie and Charlotte arguing)
Trixie: Surely you would know a thing or two about beauty.
Charlotte: Oh, I have instincts knowing more about it than you ever could.
Trixie: Is that so, chocolate swirled head?
Charlotte: It is, heavy boots.
(at each other's faces while still calling each other names)
Trixie: Super nerd!
Charlotte: Wealthy snob!
Trixie: Karate freak!
Charlotte: Man magnet!
Charlotte: JUICE GERMER!!
Both: That's it! It's time we settle our differences.
Trixie: Any suggestions?
Charlotte: I.Q. testing?
Trixie: Too much. Tic-tac toe?
Charlotte: Too simple.
(both simultaneously think and said at the same time...)
Both: A race.
Trixie: This should be too easy. Beating a nerd like you is child's play.
Charlotte: Speak for yourself. I've won a hundred and ninety nine bike races back in Seattle with both hands tied behind my back, especially in its constant rainy days.
Trixie: Oh, willing to make it a tough competition, huh? Well then, a bike ride it is.
Charlotte: And what makes you think you can beat me?
Trixie: Just like you, I've won the same amount of bike races as well, going through nothing but hard snow.
Charlotte: Inspiring, but nothing you can say is going to make me back out on a bike race.
Trixie: Then the battle line is drawn, Charlotte Johnson.
Charlotte: Tomorrow at dawn.
Both: You're on!
(both walk out but walked back, figuring out...)
Trixie: Sorry, I think I got your backpack.
Charlotte: Same here. Here you go.
Trixie: Thanks. Hey, yours has a pleasant smell on it. Where did you find it?
Charlotte: Oh, at the Backpack perfume n' conditioner section.
Trixie: Really? I should go there someday. Okay, bike race, tomorrow.
Charlotte: I'll be there.
(walks out again)

(Middle of the street)
Astronov: I can't believe Trixie and Charlotte are competing in a bike race.
Cosmo: I can't believe Mr. Crocker's making the others write a ten page report on their race.
Sunny: Isn't there anything he can't do to ruin their day?
Wanda: If his mother was around.
Timmy: What do you have in the third question?
Ivan: Crocker said no sharing answers.
(Timmy turns his head to Chloe)
Chloe: Don't even ask.
Neptunia: Okay, when you two are ready, start your pedals.
Trixie: This will be my two hundredth race, and the most accomplished. Think you can move fast with that heavy long swirly of yours?
Charlotte: Why don't you ask my behind! That is, if you can catch it! What do you think of that, heavy boots?
Trixie: I'd say I'm already halfway there!-halfway there! (zooms out to reveal a record player) -halfway there!-halfway there!
Charlotte: (gasps) Hey!
Trixie: So long, sucker! (looks front and sees a pile of snakes on the way) Snakes! (jumps over the snakes)
Charlotte: (pulls up a dead mouse) Get the mousy, boys. (throws the mouse on the other side, the snakes get out of the way; Charlotte catches up)
Trixie: Not too shabby. I'll give you that.
Charlotte: Well, let's see how you deal with this side of town.
(Trixie looks at her surroundings, noticing she and Charlotte are at Loch Ness Dimmsdale)
Trixie: Loch Ness Dimmsdale?
Charlotte: Let's just hope the Loch Dimmsdale Monster isn't around. He's at his early feeding and is somewhere in the lands.
(Loch Dimmsdale Monster roars; Trixie and Charlotte scream; the monster grabbed and swollowed them, but spit them out a few seconds later when the two were moving their bike tires on its tounge; pulls up giant toothpaste and toothbrush washing his mouth and walks out)
Trixie: His breath is just like how Francis smells.
Charlotte: Tell me about it.
(Trixie and Charlotte make their way out; Trixie looks down at the sidewalk)
Trixie: Careful, brainiac.
Charlotte: (looks down) Oh man, my tire stepped on a crack. I sure hope I didn't break my mom's back too hard.
(Johnson House; Anti-Neptunia, Anti-Astronov and Anti-Sunny poofed behind Viola drinking tea, then poofed up a jackhammer hurting Viola's back)
Viola: Ahh, my back!
(Anti-Fairies laugh and poofed away)
(back to the race)
Charlotte: This race has gotten way overboard.
Trixie: I agree. Hopefully, the others are supporting us.
(to Timmy, Ivan, Chloe and the rest playing tic tac toe)
Wanda: You know, they've could've just settled their differences with a simple board game.
Cosmo: Boring!
Neptunia: Yeah, that's why it's called a board game.
Astronov: Oh, geez.
Chloe: I hope Trixie and Charlotte and doing fine.
(to Trixie and Charlotte looking exhausted)
Charlotte: Okay, this is clearly not the type of race we thought of.
Trixie: I'll say, snakes, musty swamp, nearly getting eaten by a Loch Ness Monster, explosive dynamite falling from the sky.
Charlotte: Let's just agree to never argue over our our different point of views again, and get to the finish line in one piece.
Trixie: And how?
(both shake hands)
Trixie: (thoughts) As smart as she is, deep down she's probably still wanting to get to the finish line first.
Charlotte: (thoughts) Her smile is definitely a fake. You can't trust her as far as you can throw her to a hungry rabid dog.
Trixie: (thoughts) As soon as she stops shaking my hand...
Charlotte: (thoughts) I'm gonna...
Trixie: (thoughts) ...make...
Charlotte: (thoughts) ...a...
Both: (thoughts) ...run for it.
(stop shaking hands; softly chuckle and quickly jumped on their bikes and moved as fast as they both could)
Sunny: (with a chart) In conclusion, fairy wands take off two percentage of power per wish.
Astronov: Well done, princess. You've sure learned a lot from school.
(everyone looks ahead and sees Trixie and Charlotte speeding up with their bikes)
Chloe: Oh, here they come.
(Both pant while making their way to the finish line)
Trixie: Popular girls are victorious!
Charlotte: If they weren't trained by a genius.
(both growl at each other and got jumped out of their bikes not seeing a speed bump ahead)
Neptunia: So, who won?
(Dimmsdale Hospital)
(Trixie wakes up)
Ivan: She's waking up.
Trixie: Oh, my head. Where are we?
Charlotte: We're in the hospital. We were taken in after we ran to that speed bump.
Timmy: The doctor says you two will be okay.
Chloe: You're just suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.
Trixie: Wow, now that you've mentioned it, my tongue does feel incredibly dry.
Ivan: We're just glad you two are okay.
Chloe: Well, we better get going.
Timmy: See you guys.
(Timmy, Ivan, Chloe, A.J. and Remy walk out of the hospital)
Trixie: Well, we sure learned a lesson.
Charlotte: Ditto.
Trixie: Anyway, I'm sorry for name calling you.
Charlotte: I'm sorry too. (looks at the papers) Hey, it says here that there is a gift basket with a giant pizza on it. And it's only for the person who gets it first.
Trixie: Oh, no. Not this again.
Charlotte: Yeah, the pizza might taste terrible anyway.
(short pause)
Trixie: Race you to that gift basket.
Charlotte: You're on!
(both jumped out of their hospital beds and ran off-screen; crashing noises)
Both: (off-screen) Aww, a tie.
Trixie: Hey, this is pizza, let's split it 50/50.
Charlotte: Sure.
(screen fades to black; Charlotte pops up)
Charlotte: (holding her half of the pizza) I've got five pieces. Don't tell her.
Trixie: (heard) I heard that.
(Title Card ending)

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