A New Godchild!/Quotes

(Amber Home; Sally's bedroom)
(Stan poofs things up for Sally)
Sally: Stan, I don't know what happened to deserve this new life with you, but it sure makes me a happy girl.
Stan: Well, Sally, fairy godparents are assigned to kids who are in need of help. And you sure were in the need for help.
Sally: I was?
Stan: Yep, (poofs up a slideshow) it started three months ago. You were sitting on the couch, minding your own business...
(camera zooms to the slideshow)
Rebecca: Okay kids, I'm off to work.
Sally: Again?
Rebecca: Yes, and while your father and I are gone, your brother is in charge.
Sally: (in unison with Mary) What?!
Mary: (in unison with Sally) Oh, come on!
Harry: Hey, someone has to watch over this place while Mom and Dad are away, and it's bad enough having to put up with your devious pranks, Mary.
(Mary pushes her paint behind the couch)
Stu: We'll be back in four hours. In the meantime, be on your best behavior.
Sally, Harry and Mary: Okay, Dad.
(door closes)
Harry: Look, I know I can be a little bossy...
Sally: A little?
Harry: But you know that I love you guys and I don't want you making mistakes to ruin your future.
Sally: It's just not fair. We just want to have fun.
Harry: Well, the fun will have to be another time. Right now, I'm your eyes and ears and there won't be any trouble while our parents are gone.
Mary: Well, I can see that you would like to have as much fun as Sally and I do, so why not we just call a babysitter? That way you won't have to boss us around anymore.
Harry: Hmmm... That does sound like a good idea. Okay, I'm calling.
(Harry dials the phone)
Voice: Babysitting service. This is Alyssa Armstrong. How may I help you?
Harry: Hello, my name is Harry Amber and...
Alyssa: Wouldn't eat your dinner?
Harry: No, that's not it.
Alyssa: Need someone to keep an eye on your younger siblings so you won't have to do so?
Harry: Yes.
Alyssa: Be right there!
(bike noises heard; the Amber siblings look out the window)
Mary: Hmmm... Fast.
(doorbell rings; Sally opens the door; Alyssa is seen)
Alyssa: Hello.
(Sally is speechless; camera points to Mary who was also speechless; camera points to Harry who was love-struck)
Alyssa: And you must be the Ambers.
Harry: (with hearts in his eyes) Daa... dee... dugh... doy... doooh...
Alyssa: You're cute, I like that. Well, now that I'm here, how would you like to get some well earned rest?
Harry: Just what I always wanted since the day these two were born! (jumps to the couch and get some sleep)
Alyssa: You're going to need this.
(close-up to the object in Alyssa's hand)
Harry: Sleeping pills? Oh, I'm too young for that stuff.
Alyssa: Don't worry, one piece will be no harm. (stuffs it in Harry's mouth)
Harry: Wow, do I feel... (knocked out cold)
Alyssa: (sigh) Even unconscious, he's adorable.
Mary: So, Alyssa, do you have anything fun planned in store for us?
Alyssa: Oh, I do. And it starts with you two... (gives Sally and Mary bathroom cleaning items) CLEANING OUT THE BATHROOM!!
Sally: That doesn't sound like fun.
Alyssa: Okay then, I'll just call your parents and let them know you've trashed the house.
Sally and Mary: No!
Alyssa: Good girls. Now, get to work, both of you!
(Sally and Mary walk to the bathroom)

(Sally and Mary cleaning up the bathroom)
Alyssa: Wow, it's so clean, I can see myself... (pours garbage all over the floor) and now I can't.
Mary: I got this. (spins around the garbage; dust covering the screen until it fades away; Mary holding the garbage bag up high)
Alyssa: Wow, for a girl your age, you are like, super strong. You're off the hook.
Mary: Wo-hoo! If anybody needs me, I'll be in the garage working out. (takes off)
Sally: Careful with the 80lb barbells. They're a little bent.
Alyssa: And since you're older than your little sister, I've got a few things special for you.
Sally: Really?
(music montage; Sally with a miserable look doing chores around the house while Alyssa watches in amusement, eating cookies; music montage over)

(Sally's room)
Sally: (closes her door, runs to her bed crying) That Alyssa is nightmarish! She's making my life a living disaster. Calling her was a big mistake. (looks at her reflection) (sigh) Life has been unfair to me since the beginning of my life. I wish I would just have a more exciting magical life.
(a dusty swirl appears in Sally's mirror, pops out of the mirror and makes a bright light showing who was that dusty swirl)
Stan: Hello, Sally!
Sally: (screams) A floating stranger! Stay back, whoever you are! My mom's a cop!
Stan: Woah, woah, easy. I mean you no harm. In fact, I'm here to help you with your problem. My name is... (pops up his name while introducing himself) Stan! I am a magical fairy in a place known as (poof up a photo of Fairy World) Fairy World, and I have been assigned to grant your every wish.
Sally: Grant my every wish?
Stan: Well, maybe I wasn't too specific. There are rules for what a kid can and can't do with there fairies. The main one is to never reveal who I am to people you know, or else I'll have to be re-assign to someone more trustworthy.
Sally: Okay, so, what should I wish for?
Stan: As long as it isn't anything harmful, the wish is on.
(Sally makes a devious look on her face)

Alyssa: Sally, where are you? It's time to clean the dishes. (looks around the house looking for Sally) Where is the little twerpette?
(Alyssa opens the closet door; a sea monster pops up and scares her; door closes)
Alyssa: What the heck!? Okay, must be one of little Mary's pranks. I think... (opens the closet door again with her teeth chattering and nothing was there) Whew.
(Alyssa turns around walks to the sink and wash her face)
Alyssa: Okay, that was like, totally freaky.
(continues washing her face until the water turns into tar; Alyssa spits some tar out her mouth)
Alyssa: Yuck! Have these folks ever heard of a plumber?
(sliding down a long slide screaming; thud)
Alyssa: Where am I?
(camera zooms out showing Alyssa's in the middle of a race track; Sally and Stan nearly ran over her; Alyssa ran out the way and gets stuck in mud)
Alyssa: I can't break free!
(giant bathroom cleansing items fall on Alyssa)
Alyssa: So... cold...
(looks around and see herself in an arctic wasteland)
Alyssa: Am I in Antarctica?
(Leopard seals with faces looks like Stan's face surround Alyssa; a leopard seal with Sally's face pops up near her)
Sally: Do you really think you can just make kids lives a misery?
Alyssa: I... uh...
Sally: You think it's funny? Pretty soon you'll just end up a lazy fat slob for the rest of your life.
Alyssa: What are you trying to prove?
Sally: Stan?
(Stan shows a picture of Alyssa overweight)
(Alyssa screams; a light flashes then the screen shows Alyssa laying on the couch fearfully squirming)
Alyssa: No! That's not what I want to be when I grow up! All I ever wanted was to be a artist!
(opens her eyes and sees Stu and Rebecca)
Alyssa: Oh, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Amber. (shakes hands) It's so nice to meet you two.
Rebecca: Nice to meet you too, Alyssa.
Stu: Sounds like you've had some hard timing keeping an eye on the kids.
Alyssa: I did? Hmmm... I can't seem to entirely remember.
Sally: I do. You gave my dear brother some well earned rest and volunteered to keep an eye on Mary and me. She even did a great job helping us cleaning the house.
Mary: Actually, we...
Sally: ...Really appreciate Alyssa helping us. We told her we could do the hard work ourselves, but she insisted on helping us. (winks at Mary)
Mary: Oh, yeah.
Sally: And after that hard work around the house, we gave her some cookies to show Alyssa how much we really liked her.
Stu: And that must be why your were napping?
Alyssa: I... I guess so.
Rebecca: What other things she did while we were gone?
Sally: While we were cleaning the house, she bought us a parrot.
Stu: Why is he wearing glasses?
Rebecca: And a crown?
Sally: Uh,... because it's the most intelligent bird she ever bought in the pet store.
Rebecca: I buy that.
Stu: Well, Alyssa, we sure are glad the kids made the right choice to call you.
Rebecca: If you ever need us, give us a call. Come on Mary, time for bed.
Mary: (walks to her room with her parents following her) Aww, but I'm too wide awake and strong for bed.
Alyssa: (walks to Sally) Okay, the babysitting I can handle cause I could use some extra cash. And I don't know what's all the weird stuff going, but I so will like, totally find out what it is. (walks out)
Sally: Whatever you say Alyssa, whatever you say.
Stan: (turns to fairy form) Well, looks like I'm going to be here for quite some time.
Sally: I can see this is going to be the start of a new life for me. Still, I can't help but feeling I forgot something.
(Harry in the basement with Alyssa's kiss marks all over his face waking up all tied up)
Harry: Ugh! What hit me? Hello? Why am I all tied up? Anybody hear me? (door showing while Harry is still talking off-screen) I really have to go to the bathroom.
(Sally and Mary head over to the basement and untie Harry, he runs to the bathroom, then comes out a few seconds later, now with a clean face, Sally walks over to him)
Harry: (sigh) That's better. I don't understand where I got those smooches from, though.
Sally: I'm pretty sure it was Alyssa.
Harry: Oh, Alyssa... she's such a thoughtful and beautiful girl. Am I ever gonna see her again?
Sally: Don't worry, Harry, I'm sure you'll see her again soon.
Harry: Thanks, Sally.
(Sally goes to her room, Mary follows her)
Mary: Uh, Sally? About that parrot...
Sally: I know, he's not exactly a parrot. I have a little confession to make. Mary...that parrot is my fairy godfather. His name's Stan.
Mary: EEEEE!!! My sister has a fairy godparent! I gotta tell my brother about this!
Stan: Hold it right there, Mary. You can't tell this to anyone else.
Mary: Why not?
Stan: Because, according to Da Rules, if you tell anyone about me being a fairy, I'll go away forever, and I'll be assigned to a new godchild.
Mary: Don't worry, Stan, you can trust me. I promise not to tell anyone about you being a fairy.
Sally: Well, I suppose we can trust you after all.
Mary: Thank you!
(camera zooms out to the slideshow)
Stan: And that's how I got assigned to be your fairy.
Sally: All because of a simple phone call.
Stan: Yet, in a way, you should thank Alyssa.
Sally: Why would I do that?
Stan: Because, if it wasn't for her, you wouldn't have got me in the first place.
Sally: Yeah, I guess you're right. And my brother wouldn't have found the love of his life either if it wasn't for her.
Stan: So, anything you want to wish for?
Sally: Oh, yeah. I wish for giant cake. (cake poofs up) I wish for a unicorn. (unicorn poofs up)
(camera slowly zooms out to Sally's house as Sally keeps making wishes while her voice is fading away)
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card ending)

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