A Misty-cal Moment is the 23rd AND 24th epsidoes of season 9. Written by That Gamer


Part 1: Misty Begins....And Ends

Mystic's sister, Misty vists and confronts him of not coming home. She then explains that she has traveled over 90km to reach him.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Faries, Dark Mystic and Mal-Timmy see Misty and decide to make her evil. Dark Mystic then shows them a device that'll turn her evil (Called 'The Evil MakerMatic 21').

They zap her with it and she becomes evil. She then burns the Anti-Faries, Dark Mystic and Mal-Timmy to oblituration. She then names herself Lord Anti-Misty. She then drops Fairy World into Giant-Bucket-of-Acid World and turns Dimmsdale into Anti-Dimmsdale. Anti-Timmy's Parents try to seize Timmy, but he escapes. Mystic, Timmy and Poof are the only people left. They must now stop Lord Anti-Misty...Or else.

Part 2: To Save Dimmsdale (OR The Fall Of Lord Anti-Misty <Or is it?>)

The trio head into Lord Anti-Misty's Castle and try to find a way to reverse the Evil MakerMatic 21's power. Lord Anti-Misty captures them and puts them to the exocutoner (Anti-AJ) and assistant (Anti-Chester). Mystic then warps to the Evil MakerMatic 21's room and try to dissable it. Then, RIGHT BEFORE Timmy gets his head cut off, Un-Anti-Vicky and Un-Anti-Crocker save them. Then, there's a long chase and an EPIC battle that's too epic for words!

Timmy then defeats Lord Anti-Misty and Mystic throws the Evil MakerMatic 21 in REVERSE. Then everyone's happy. It ends with Misty, for a second, turning back into Lord Anti-Misty.


  • The Evil MakerMatic 21 is a reference to the Super MakerMatic 21.
  • Cosmo breaks the 4th wall in Part One by saying "How many epsiodes is that?".
  • Wanda dosen't appear in Part Two.
  • This the the 1st 2-part epsidoe by That Gamer.
  • The tittle is pun on A Mistical Moment, reffering to Mystic.
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