Timmy finds a fairy kit and uses it to make revenge from the cockroaches' pranks. Will Timmy win it or will the cockroaches steal the kit?


The episode begins with Timmy walking home after buying groceries. On his way home, a he founded a box packed with fairy wands, gloves, crown and wings. Timmy has a daydream scene where he's now a fairy and zaps the turkey that the cockroaches stolen into a bus which drops on them. Timmy laughs as the daydream scene ends.

Timmy opens his new fairy kit. As he touched the wand, he starts to grow wings and have a floating crown. And successfully turned into a fairy. Timmy reads the instructions book where to make a wish, grab the wand and then release it. Timmy's first wish that he ever made was... An anvil? yes an anvil which drops on his head. Timmy chuckles as he removes the anvil.

The Zap

This running gag has been a popular scene where Timmy has 10 failed attempts to zap the turkey. This is based on the boulder catapult running gag of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. Except more attempts are made here

Attempt 1: Timmy tries to zap the turkey by using the grab and release method. Only to poof him another anvil which drops on him again! Timmy returns to the instructions book where he has to "throw" the wand (not accually throw it. Just make a throwing pose).

Attempt 2: Timmy has his second try using the fake throw method. Timmy has successfuly made a zap, but backfires to a light bulb which turned into another anvil which drops on him again!


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