A McBadbat Family Reunion/Quotes

(Happy Trails Trailer Park; Bucky decorating the house while humming)
Chester: (as he walks inside depressed) Afternoon, pop.
Bucky: Hey, why the long face, son?
Chester: You want the good answer or the bad answer?
Bucky: Both.
Chester: We were playing baseball and as usual, we lost.
Bucky: Sorry to hear that boy. But hey, here's something that'll always cheer you up, (camera points to a bag of goodies) a nice bag of delicious snacks from our mysterious reliable source.
Chester: Oh, goody! (ran right near the bag) You know, this reliable source keeps sending in us stuff every week on a Friday ever since... (sniff) mom left.
Bucky: (comforts his son) I miss her too, son. You just got to stay strong.
Chester: That's easy for you to say! We've been broke ever since you've lost the biggest baseball tournament several years ago and you had to hide your face in shame!
Bucky: Yeah, (takes his bag off) and that's also the day your sweet mother... (sniff) left us without a single word.
Chester: (walk out) I need some fresh air.
Bucky: What about your goody bag?
Chester: Lost my appetite. (close the door; a few seconds later he opens it back up)... for the first time as a matter of fact. (close the door)

(Veronica's House; the kids and disguised fairies stand in place in the front yard)
A.J.: What's keeping Chester? We got plans today.
Timantha: He's probable still bummed about the baseball game.
Ivan: Here he comes now.
(Chester walking on the sidewalk sad)
Timmy: Hey Chester! You ready to go have some... (Chester keeps on walking) fun? How unhappy is he now?
Chloe: On a scale of one to ten on the happy scale, (pulls out a card with Chester on it showing his current emotion) he's currently on #1: sad, depressed and miserable.
Tootie: Where did you get that kind of card with Chester's face on it?
Chloe: I made it myself. I make cards of all my friends, and from the looks of your faces you all are at a #6: suspicious and curious.
Neptunia: Curious like a cat.
Katty: (as she and Neptunia knuckle touch) Meow.
Astronov: You do realize that curiosity kills cats, right?
Neptunia: (as she and Katty grab a hold of each other scared) Now you tell me!
Timmy: Let's go see what's bumming Chester.

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