A Grey Problem/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Streets)
(a woman standing in the middle of the street)
(a car shows up in front of her)
Woman: Just in time. (gets inside the car) Glad you'd show up on short notice. I... (gasps)
(camera zooms out revealing the driver as Vicky)
Woman: Vicky?
Vicky: Oh, you've heard of me? Well, I guess you would know my friend and I (Alyssa straps the woman tight on her chair) wouldn't or should I saw would mind taking you on a sweet ride. (drives while making an evil laugh)
Woman: When they realized that you've kidnapped...
Vicky: Famous celebrity, Grey DeLisle-Griffin. Oh, we're your biggest fans!
Alyssa: You got that right! I love your voicing talents, especially when you voice that red-headed teenager who solves mysteries with four other kids and a talking dog that hardly anyone understands.
(Vicky makes a hard left turn nearly running over Veronica and Katty)
Veronica: Watch where you're going, you maniac!
Katty: (hisses)
Grey: Can I at least ask where you're taking me?
Vicky: Somewhere far away where no one can find you.
Alyssa: And as soon as the public finds out a famous celebrity has, like, totally gone missing, they'll set up a reward for whoever finds you and we'll be the first ones to get that hard dough!
Vicky: Hang on. We're heading to a dark tunnel. I imagine that to be a great place for torturing kids where no one can see you.
Alyssa: If you ask me, I think messing with kids and corrupting adults will be a downfall, especially for a second rate babysitter like you.
(drives out of the tunnel)
Vicky: Watch your mouth, four eyes!
Alyssa: I didn't say anything!
(camera points to Grey revealing she's doing Vicky and Alyssa's voices)
Grey: (as Vicky) You want to make me drive us back to B.R.A.T. HQ and drop you down to the Loser Chute?
Alyssa: I'd rather shove you off of your own car.
Vicky: What? I didn't say anything.
Grey: (as Alyssa) Says the bubble butt.
Vicky: Okay, that tears it!
(Vicky reaches out of her chair fighting and arguing to Alyssa as her car moves out of control; Grey quickly grabs a butter knife and cuts her straps breaking free and jumps out of the car; Vicky and Alyssa stop fighting noticing that Grey took off)
Alyssa: Hey, where she...
(the two looked and saw a tree that they're about to crash into)
Vicky and Alyssa: (scream)

(Vicky and Alyssa woke up from unconsciousness and found out they're inside a federal jail car)
Alyssa: What just so, like, happened?
Tootie: You two should know better than to kidnap a celebrity.
Vicky: How does that explain why we're inside a cop car?
Sally: Simple really, you two were over your heads about famous celebrity, Grey DeLisle-Griffin...
Molly: You forget, she's also a talented voice actress.
Grey: That's right, (as Vicky) twerpettes.
(Vicky and Alyssa groan)
Alyssa: Still, you got to admit, that was pretty clever of her using our voices against us.
(car drives away)
(Swizzle poofs up)
Swizzle: Wow, a famous voice actress standing right here in front of me.
Sally: I hear you like voicing heroes and villains, but your favorite role is playing a villain, right?
Grey: (as Azula) That's right, peasant.
Swizzle: Wow. I think I'm gonna faint. (faints)
Molly: Cool.
Tootie: What other voices can you do?
Grey: Oh, lots, as a matter of fact. (as Emily Elizabeth) A girl who loves her dog no matter how big he is, (as Black Canary) a superhero with a sonic screech, (as Mandy) a little girl with very little emotions, (regular voice) you name it. And in case you haven't looked it up, I also voice all of you as well.
Tootie, Sally and Molly: What?!
Molly: Prove it.
Grey: (as Tootie) I love you! (as Sally) Money is such an amazing word to me. (as Molly) Don't ever touch me again.
(Tootie, Sally and Molly faint right next to Swizzle who's still passed out)
Grey: Over exaggerated cartoon characters. (breaks the fourth wall) Gets them every time.
(screen nearly fades to black until the closing circle stops to Grey's face as she makes a wink then it went completely black)
(title card ending)
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