A Generation to Camp/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
Elmer: Well, class, since Mr. Crocker is out sick today, I along with our school janitor, Mark Chang will give out tomorrow Friday's field trip.
Mark Chang: Tomorrow is a field trip so far fetched, so extraordinary, you will have to bring lots of food with you.
Howie: (to Ravi and Mouse) They had me at food.
Elmer: Tomorrow is a camping field trip!
(kids cheer except Greg and Otto)
Otto: Camping? That's even worse than pranks.
Greg: For once, I'm with you on something.
(Juandissimo and Blonda as a book and paper)
Juandissimo: Relax, Otto. Camping isn't so bad.
Blonda: Except for pesky bugs, that's for sure.
(Jessie dashes to Tommy)
Jessie: Oh, Tommy, how would you feel like sharing some marshmallows during some time on the campfire... together?
Tommy: (anxious) Well, that does sound... intriguing, but, I've promised my half siblings to stay on their side making sure they won't get hurt.
(hearts around Jessie break in half)
Jessie: Oh, of course. I understand. It is a caring matter to watch over the family. After all, I... did promise Greg to watch over him, just in case of any danger ahead of the camp site. (walks out)
Wanda: (as an eraser) What was that all about?
Tommy: I'm sorry. I wasn't in a punching mood today.
Cosmo: Come on, I'm sure she'll understand.
Jessie: (walks near Tommy) Oh, I almost forgot - a little something for me understanding your decision.
(Jessie blows on her thumb inflating her hand and punch Tommy; Tommy flies through the board)
Tommy: I knew you'd understand. (slides down with a thud)

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