A Foolish Mistake/Quotes

(The Prestonovich's House)
(The front door slowly opens; Ivan pops his head looking through both directions of the sidewalk; he silently closes the door and sneaks until he heard a creak and panics and hides through the bushes; his eyes and hands were visible while he was hiding)
Ivan: Thought I heard something.
(Ivan jumps out of the bush and sees a present)
Ivan: Hmmm...
(Ivan walks to the present and quickly opens it and runs from a distance, but nothing happens except a small note popping out of the present)
Ivan: (reads) "We know how much you can't stand this holiday, so we gave you a little gift to show you how much we care for you. Love, your friends and godparents." (looks down and sees a small cake) How nice. Huh? Another note? (picks it up and reads it) "Also, turn around at a 90 degree angle."
(Ivan turns around and gasps as he sees Timmy, Timantha, Chloe and their fairies holding eggs)
Timmy: April Fools!
(everyone was getting ready to throw eggs at Ivan)
Ivan: Uh-oh...
(everyone laughs at Ivan who frustratingly stands in place while egg yolks was all over his body)
Cosmo: Classic!
Ivan: (annoyed grunt; egg yolk flew off him as he raise his arms and yells) I hate April Fools Day!
(the egg yolk landed on Timmy and the others)
Ivan: Every year it's always, "Here's a pop goes the weasel box." Then all a sudden it's a punching glove. And then there's, "We got the nicest hill top for you to relax on, Ivan." But instead, a hill top full of poison ivy. I... have had... ENOUGH!!
Timmy: Aw, come on Ivan. It's not that bad. Between you and me, I too once had tough luck dealing with this holiday. In fact, pretty much every month (pulls out his phone) I fell for the old pie on the face routine.
(recordings of Timmy getting hit in the pie)
(The Fourth of July)
Timmy: (dressed as Uncle Sam) Oh boy, it's the Fourth of July!
Daran: Don't forget your hat, son.
Timmy: Thanks, dad!
(a mechanical hand holding a pie pops out of the hat and throws it at Timmy's face; Mr. and Mrs. Turner laugh)
Timmy: (dressed as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder) Oh boy, it's Halloween!
Wanda: Timmy, wait!
Cosmo: Don't forget your jack-o-lantern.
Timmy: Thanks, loving godparents!
(a mechanical hand holding a pie pops out of the jack-o-lantern and throws it at Timmy's face; Cosmo and Wanda laugh)
Timmy: (dressed like Santa Claus) Oh boy, it's Christmas!
Vicky: Merry Christmas, twerp.
Timmy: Thanks always mean yet 1% kind and gentle around the holidays, babysitter!
(a mechanical hand holding a pie pops out of the Christmas present and throws it at Timmy's face; Vicky laughs)
(Groundhog Day; Timmy digging through his yard like a groundhog and pops out of the snow)
Timmy: Oh boy, it's Groundhog Day!
A.J.: Happy Groundhog Day, Timmy!
(Timmy opens the box)
Timmy: A stuffed groundhog?
A.J.: And just watch what happens when it sees it's shadow.
(the groundhog sees it's shadow and acts wild and vicious and attacks Timmy; Chester and A.J. laugh; the groundhog stops attacking Timmy)
Timmy: Well, at least it wasn't a pie?
(the groundhog trows a pie at Timmy and laughs and continues to attack him; Chester and A.J. laugh again)
(Timmy turns off his phone)
Ivan: Well, I'll admit, see you get pie faced in more than one holiday is hilarious, but that doesn't change my mind over this holiday.
Timantha: Well, if you ever need us, we'll be at Dimmsdale Elementary to celebrate.
Sunny: I'll stay with you, Ivan. You look like you could use someone to look after you this time of the year.
Ivan: That's awfully nice of you Sunny. (sigh) I just wish I could show everyone who pranked me a taste of their own medicine! I want to see the look on their face when they learn never mess with Ivan Hadwinov Prestonovich!
Sunny: Well, there is one magical prankster in Fairy World who can help, but...
Ivan: You mean, the April Fool? Of course! He could help me with...
Sunny: (close Ivan's mouth) Ivan, no! Once the Fool starts, he won't be able to stop.
Ivan: Don't worry, I've heard of how Timmy once dealt with the April Fool. I'm sure I can do the same if things go awry.
Sunny: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.
Ivan: Alright. Now, how do I bring him here?
Sunny: He is a comedian. He needs a little introduction. (poof up a stage and poof up a tuxedo for Ivan and gives him notes to read)
Ivan: (looks through the notes and clears his throat before he says it out loud) Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the comedy stylings of... The April Fool!
(magic sparkles appear next to Ivan; the April Fool appears)
April Fool: And what did the magician say to the fisherman? (poof up a codfish) "Pick a cod. Any... (opens his eyes and sees that his not where he was at and sees Ivan and Sunny look at him with a smile) Let me guess. You want me (pulls out a finger pointing stick) to help you prank everybody who pranked you, right?
Ivan: Absolutely! (shake his right hand) I'm Ivan... (gets shocked by his joy buzzer and having his body partly fried) ...Prestonovich. And this is my baby godsister, Sunny.
Sunny: Nice to meet you.
April Fool: You look like a baby who loves to eat ice-cream.
Sunny: Yeah.
April Fool: (poof up a sundae) Then here you go. A holiday special.
Sunny: Mmmm... That looks delicious!
(the sundae rumbles like an earthquake and squirts out water on Sunny)
April Fool: And mostly wet on the inside.
Ivan: (laughs) I'll admit that was pretty good.
April Fool: So, what do you say, (poof up glasses) four eyes, (glasses disappear) ready to give your pranksters a taste of their own medicine?
Ivan: More than ever.

(musical montage as Ivan pranks everyone starting with his parents)
(the April Fool makes a rip shot and poof up a hairbrush next to Mrs. Prestonovich)
Xenia: Now this will do nicely. (combs her hair but noticed she felt something crawling and realized there was cockroaches and shrieks and jumps high up, her head was sticking through the ceiling)
Ivan: (laughs) April Fools!
(scene cuts to Mr. Prestonovich looking for the lawn mower)
Ivan: Here you go, dad.
Hadwin: Aw, thanks son. (turns on the lawn mower and as he walks he hears spattering noise; he turns around and sees cow manure all over the lawn)
Ivan: (laughs) April Fools!
(a three split-screen scene opens showing Vicky drinking orange juice, but it was hot sauce; Ivan willingly wanting Francis to pickpocket him from behind and got his fingers hurt by a mouse trap; Crocker catching a fairy in plain sight with his butterfly net, but it was Katty in disguise, who took off the disguise and attacks Crocker)
(Ivan appearing in the three split screens at once shouts)
Ivan: April Fools!

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
April Fool: Time for the ultimate prank, kid. Oh, this one's going to make your next victims' eyes really watery, if you catch my drift.
Ivan: What do you got in mind?
April Fool: You'll find out soon enough. (pulls out a doctors coat) Here, wear this.
(inside Dimmsdale Elementary; camera shows every kid plays practical jokes to one another until it stops to Timmy, Timantha and Chloe walking while their fairies are disguised as pencils)
Wanda: I sure hope Ivan isn't taking it too hard.
Timmy: Don't worry, Wanda. Ivan's at home safe and sound.
Timantha: Yeah, and besides, he wouldn't want to come here at this time of year if he wants to.
Astronov: I don't know, I mean, didn't you see how cheesed he was when we pranked him?
Neptunia: Come on, sweetie, even he wouldn't hold an ill-will towards an egg prank.
Chloe: Well, all that matters is that he's safe at home.
Cosmo: Yeah, I'm sure he has no means of getting revenge on those who pranked him and making anyone's eyes watery in the end, if you catch my drift.
(Ivan walks by dressed as a doctor)
Ivan: Hi, everybody!
Poof: Hey, what's with the doctor coat?
Ivan: Oh, just getting a very early start on Halloween. Also I think I'm starting to getting the hang of this holiday.
Timantha: Really? That's great! Hey, I hope there's no hard feelings over that egg prank earlier this morning.
Ivan: Oh, none taken. Not one bit at all. Wait. (digs through his coat pocket) Aw, no. I lost my pen. I... Oh, wait, (camera points to the pencil laying on a rope camouflaged as the floor) there it is. Can one of you get that for me?
Timmy: I'll get it.
Chloe: (looking suspicious) Hmmm...
(as Timmy walks his way to get Ivan's pen, camera points to the rope seeing its camouflaged paint melts; Chloe gasp and turns her head seeing Ivan sneaking behind his friends holding scissors to cut the rope)
Chloe: Timmy, (slow motion) noooo!!
Timmy: (picks up the pen) Here you go, Iv--
(Chloe pushes Timmy away from the trap; Timmy lands on his butt)
Timmy: Chloe, what gives?!
(Ivan cuts the rope)
Ivan: April (turns his head) Fo-- (close up to his face) whahh...?
(the rope was strapped to Chloe's leg)
Chloe: Should've walked out of this trap a few seconds (yanked away) earlier!
(Chloe was yanked by the rope and was flying up until she hits the ceiling face first)
Kids: Oh!
(scene cuts to Cosmo)
Cosmo: Eh, what's the big deal? I get hit on the face lots of times.
(Chloe was yanked by the rope falling down until she sees Ms. Wallace and tries to grab a hold of her from her dress; she was losing her grip and off-screen a loud tear was heard and everyone gasped and cover each others eyes as seen onscreen Chloe was holding Ms. Wallace's dress while Ms. Wallace stops spinning realizing she was caught in her underwear and covers herself in embarrassment and runs off)
Veronica: (chuckles) Okay, seeing someone else take off in their underwear makes me makes me feel better about myself.
(Chloe continues to be yanked by the rope screaming and running over and gets hit by the three things as she describes them out loud)
Chloe: Iguanas! Ow! Honey pots! Ow! Open locker! (dodges the locker) Ha-ha! (gets sprigged by a trampoline and flew back to the open locker and it shut on her)
(everyone gasp; Ivan ran to the locker before everyone else and opens it; Chloe falls out of the locker and onto the ground; she pulls up her head in tears)
Ivan: Chloe... I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. (Chloe gets up and starts sobbing in sniffling in tears even harder) Please, I can explain.
(Chloe shoves Ivan out of the way and run off from the front door of the campus; everyone turns their heads to Ivan in dismay)
Ivan: Guys, please. I can explain. I never meant for any of this to happen.
(everyone walks away from Ivan; Chester and A.J. while carrying a pink box walk up to Ivan)
Chester: I've seen a lot of cruel pranks in my young life, (walks away) but this is at the top of the list.
A.J.: (puts down the pink box) April Fools, (walks away) jerk.
Ivan: Huh, (looks at the box) what's in the box, a drawing of you giving me a raspberry?
(a groundhog pops out of the box and viciously attacks Ivan for a few seconds and throws a pie in his face)
Groundhog: (chattering) (subtitles:"Eh, even that wasn't fun.") (takes off on two legs like a human)
(Timmy, and Timantha, walk to Ivan disappointed; the fairies drop out of their disguise)
Timmy: Now, I may have used to dislike Chloe when I first met her, and even I wouldn't go that far, dude.
Ivan: I don't know what happened! What did I do? No. What did (points at the April Fool) you do?!
Astronov and Neptunia: The April Fool?
Wanda: Of course, no wonder you caused that prank, Ivan.
Ivan: I didn't do that. Well, technically I did but with a little help. I had no idea it was going to go that far.
April Fool: Hey, you wanted to get revenge on those who pranked you and there you go.
Ivan: When you said that the prank was going to make my victims' eyes really watery, I didn't think it would mean that Chloe would be one of the victims.
Timmy: Ivan, you brought the April Fool to help you out with the one day of the year you despise the most? Didn't you remember my stories of how I made the same mistake?
Ivan: Yeah, but...
Astronov: No excuses. You've got to get rid of him and send him back to Fairy World.
Timantha: But how? He's magical, you can't just poof him away.
Timmy: Not with magic, but with humor. (whispers to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof)
(Timmy's fairies poof up plenty of T.V.s of people laughing; the April Fool starts to inflate fast; Ivan's fairies open up a hatch above the school ceiling large enough for the Fool to fly up)
April Fool: (stutters a little) That's all everyone!
Ivan: Everyone, I'm sorry. I was so sick of this holiday always poking me in the butt year after year, I wanted to know what it feels like to poke back. I don't even need to wear glasses to see that this holiday is nothing but trouble to some people who aren't used to it.
Astronov: Glad you figured that out for yourself, champ.
Neptunia: And to be honest, we're kind of to blame too.
Sunny: If we hadn't triggered your nerves with that egg prank this morning, none of this would've happened.
Poof: Yeah.
Timmy: Sorry about that.
Ivan: Apology accepted. I'll admit, it was pretty clever.
Wanda: Speaking of apologies, you got one to make for yourself, remember?
Ivan: (depressed) Oh, yeah.

(everyone walks on the sidewalk while the fairies are disguised as toucans)
Ivan: The one week of detention will be worth it for me to learn my lesson. I got to rebuild the ceiling I've broken, repaint all 748 lockers in the school...
Timantha: And Ms. Wallace and her lawyers promised to spare the one month suspension after... you know.
Ivan: I'll keep that in mind.
Poof: There she is.
(camera cuts to Chloe playing dolls with Tootie in the park)
Tootie: (holding a Tootie doll) "How could you let him prank you like that? Next thing you know, he would have thrown water balloons on top of your head."
Chloe: (holding a Chloe doll) "Oh, he didn't mean no harm."
Tootie: "No harm?! Your own boyfriend pranked you, humiliated you, and made our social studies teacher half naked in public!"
Chloe: "Even I know that wasn't part of his prank, but I'm sure he had some good reasoning."
Ivan: (off-screen with his hand in place with a doll that looks like him) "And I do."
Tootie: "Speak of the prank spreading devil."
Ivan: I'm sorry, for what I did, Chloe. It was wrong and I promise I will never let April Fools Day hurt the ones I love ever again. Can you ever forgive me?
Chloe: "The doll version of Chloe is not buying this one bit!" (to the doll) Oh, quiet you. (drops her doll) The real me does. (hugs Ivan)
(everyone smiles as Chloe hugs Ivan forgiving him)
Chloe: By the way, I'm seeing somebody else now.
Ivan: What?! But, but, but... I said I was sorry! I... I...
Chloe: April Fools!
Ivan: Oh!
(everybody laughs)
Neptunia: (gives Ivan a soda) Here you go, Ivan. A little reward for you learning your lesson about taking pranks too far.
Ivan: Thanks, Neptunia. (nearly opens it) Uh, it's not going to explode all over us, is it?
Neptunia: Of course not.
(Ivan opens the lid)
Neptunia: April Fo--
(everyone wet from the soda)
Astronov: Good thing none of us are in a coma.
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card Ending)

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