Series Name
Season 1 (Fairly Odd Future Series), Episode 2 (& 1)
Air date January 10th, 2050
Written by User:BabyPoof93,

User:Glitter Glam

Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
A Fairly Odd Wedding Part 1
Just Hitched! (Or Not!)


Pentrenellistheniso and Angel's Wedding goes horribly wrong when Flowerbloom ruins the Wedding, So Angel sends Flowerbloom to the caves beneath Earth. Meanwhile, Flowerbloom finds out there are 2 Angels! One beneath the caves and 1 who is an imposter. When they escape, just in time before an imposter marries Pentrenllistheniso. Angel explains to the crowd that the imposter is a Changeling, (a Queen Changeling that is.) The Queen sends her minions to attack Fairy World, plus take form of the fairies and feed off their love for boys. The Real Angel tries to snap Pentrenellistheniso out of her spell to obey the Queen's command and feed of his love for Angel. Will she defeat the Changelings in time and save her and her `Fiance's Wedding?

Credit To Lauren Faust for the idea


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